These things have opinions.

We are truly living in Weimar Germany on steroids!

Here is a mentally ill Portland Antifa tranny, that is upset that it and its friends weren’t allowed to steal spoiled food out of a stores and dumpsters.

It claims to have had plans to give the food to homeless people. It never even occurs to them that all that money they spend buying masks, pepper spray, batons, umbrellas, and all the other shit they use to riot, could have been used to buy real food for the homeless; food that hasn’t been in the trash.

Why am I trying to make sense out of this? Let me stop.

Just observe what is being normalized into the fabric of our society, folks, and barf!

When I read the news and cover these occurrences, I always have my vomit bag handy. For shit like this:

Biden’s Jəwish ✡ Tranny pick, thinks it could be president. I think so, too.