I’m not sure that people actually realize that all over the Western world, the Party Police are rushing parties with guns, pointing the guns at people, and arresting them for the crime of partying out.

But it is happening, everywhere, and the governments are bragging about it.


Spanish police crashed a late Friday night party of teenagers in Madrid, citing violations of the strict Covid rules, and then shared a video of the raid, showing the officers playing a not-so-fun game of hide-and-seek.

The video, released by the Madrid Municipal Police and obtained by RT’s Ruptly video agency, begins with the officers going up the stairs in one of the central residential buildings. The five-man patrol arrived on-site after receiving complaints from neighbors about noise.

When the owners of the apartment answered the door, they insisted they were alone. But it didn’t take long for police to spot signs of a party, including several chairs arranged around a table, fast-food wrappings and unfinished glasses with booze and soft drinks.

The video then showed how teens literally attempted to play hide-and-seek with the officers – with the latter turning out to be much better at the game. Police found several teens hiding under mattresses, behind a bed and inside a wardrobe.

It’s quite clear what the youngsters were trying to dodge: fines for breaking coronavirus rules start from 600 euro in Spain.

That is a 600 euro fine for people who have been forcibly put out of work by the government, by the way.

Where are they supposed to get the money?

Well, while partying is now illegal, most things that formerly were crimes, including armed robbery, are typically not considered crimes anymore, because it is racist to outlaw armed robbery. So, that’s one place they can get the money to pay the fine.

They can also sell drugs, which is also no longer a crime in Western countries, because it is racist to outlaw selling drugs.

Basically, the basic concept of reality has now dissolved, and everything is just total loony-toony.

I would never advise anyone to commit a crime, as doing so is illegal.

However, I will simply say this: party on, bros.

A government that arrests people for partying is no government at all.

Our right to party is not a privilege given to us by a government, it is a right given to us by GOD.