This is evolution: the monkey, the man, then the gun.

No, actually we hit the information age and many of us didn’t evolve with it nor past it, so much so that adaptation never occurred. Now, we are in the fourth industrial age and are as ignorant as ever about what goes on around us.

What I mean is, so much information is out there, right at our fingertips, like it has never been before.

Just imagine what it took to do research for a book before 1996. Now, compare it to today. You don’t need to leave your house to go to a library or the national archive database center. Access to information is at an unprecedented level.

Yet, it seems as though we are in a dark age of willful ignorance. Admittedly, much of our ignorance is due to misinformation by Big Tech companies and their ability to obfuscate and hide the truth.

(((They))) will also make fun of the truth in order to spread the disinformation as shown in the video above. They present the truth as satire to discredit it. In order to shame you for adopting the truth as your primary narrative, making you ignore the truth and disbelieve your “lying eyes”.

I am here, as a gateway to opening your minds to the realities that is taking place around us, and as a gateway to other sources of information and material by others.

It is a delight and pleasure to show you how our minds have been Jəwéd.