The “coronavirus death toll” is all deaths from the flu and pneumonia, plus deaths from heart attacks and various cancers, sometimes car crashes. The whole thing is actually a hoax. New people are not dying.

But your freedom is dead.

Maybe you’ll be allowed to work, but you’ll be locked down on the weekends. We can’t have you just running about here and there, making a ruckus.


France’s accelerating spread of Covid-19 is likely to prompt it to impose new restrictions, including regional lockdowns, the country’s health minister has said. The situation is especially bad in the southern resort city of Nice.

Health Minister Olivier Veran visited that city on Saturday, inspecting a local health center. Nice has experienced a major surge in coronavirus lately, becoming the worst-affected city in the country, with an infection rate of 751 cases per 100,000 people.

“There are a few cities and areas in France where the virus is circulating much more quickly than elsewhere and this may require regional confinement measures,” Veran stated.

Local authorities are ready to implement additional restrictions, waiting only for the central government to make the decision on their scope, Nice’s Mayor Christian Estrosi said, speaking alongside Veran.

“If the government decides we need to go to a partial lockdown, for instance each weekend, I will support it and encourage it.”

France emerged from its second nationwide lockdown back in November, replacing it with a curfew that was then further tightened in mid-January to a 6pm deadline. The restrictive measures, however, have apparently failed to slow down the spread, and top French officials have repeatedly mulled the possibility of a new nationwide lockdown.

Remember when they said this would end with the vaccine?

Remember before that, when they said it was just about “flattening the curve,” which meant preventing hospitals from being overwhelmed?

This was always about establishing authoritarian control. Tony Blair, who you may remember as the British partner in the Iraq War hoax, has called for internal passports.

The response to the alleged coronavirus is a wishlist of authoritarian measures.

This is all fake. There is no coronavirus. The coronavirus is the flu. The death toll is exaggerated using various different methods.

You never should have let the government tell you that it had a right to make your decisions for you, to protect you from yourself. That was the mistake.

We are free men and the government never should have had the right to tell us what risks we were allowed to take. Giving them that power meant, of course, that they were going to exaggerate the risks.

There is no way out of any of this now. Anyone who questions any of it is now accused of being in league with Donald Trump, the Russians, and white supremacy in general. Even the ChiCom slander will soon be befitting for assume who calls out the hoax.

This is an extremely bizarre way for things to end, but this is how things have ended: the government and media told people that the flu was a new deadly disease, and it meant that the government and media now have absolute authority.

The worst part is that the underlying aims of this authoritarian system are much more offensive than those of previous authoritarian regimes. There is a sadism that is making itself manifest.

It’s all very unfortunate.