This guy might have gay ass word tattoos on his tiny arms, but at least he’s saying something about something.

That isn’t allowed in modern “journalism.” You can only say nothing about something or something about nothing.

So of course, Western journalists are cheering him being locked up, it means he’s a threat to journalism itself.


A sweeping crackdown on opposition media by politicians in Kiev is actually an inspiring effort to liberate the nation from toxic opinions, Western media cheerleaders have claimed, backing charges against a prominent blogger.

On Tuesday, the SBU (Kiev’s successor to the KGB) announced that it had opened a file on popular YouTuber Anatoly Shariy, suspecting him of both “high treason” and “violation of the equality of citizens.” Investigators claim that he is a “well known Russian propagandist” who has “carried out illegal activities to the detriment of Ukraine’s national security in the information sphere.” Specifically, the journalist stands accused of “discrediting the state policy of Ukraine.”

Born in Kiev, Shariy has been a staunch critic of the waves of political turmoil that have gripped Ukraine since the 2014 Maidan. He was also a fierce detractor of the previous government under Viktor Yanukovich, considered to be friendlier toward Russia, and in 2012 claimed asylum in the EU over allegations of political persecution.

At one time a candidate in the country’s parliamentary election, the commentator has had a series of brushes with the law, not least for reportedly shooting a man with rubber bullets for supposedly insulting his wife in a McDonald’s restaurant. He has repeatedly courted controversy, accusing President Volodymyr Zelensky of running death squads and calling pro-EU Ukrainians “half breeds.”

Yeah, that’s cooler than the tattoos would have you believe.

However, while Western hacks often support the right of free speech for fringe figures in countries like Russia, it appears they are prepared to make an exception in Ukraine. Dan Peleschuk, a contributor to American state-run media RFERL, praised the decision. According to him, it came as part of an “offensive against toxic propaganda,” describing Shariy as a “notorious blogger and sh*t stirrer.”*

Peleschuk’s sentiments appeared to be shared by a number of other regular talking heads focusing on the region. Vladislav Davidzon, a lobbyist at the pro-NATO pressure group the Atlantic Council and Buzzfeed’s Eastern Europe correspondent Christopher Miller retweeted his view without comment.

The move from Ukraine’s security services comes as part of a fresh campaign from Zelensky’s government against media outlets that it considers to be ‘pro-Russian’. Earlier this month, Kiev clamped down on eight opposition-owned media outlets based in the country, with tough new rules taking away their broadcasting rights.


The Western media is now not happy with simply silencing people like Trump supporters, or whoever – they are taking their censorship campaign global. They want to silence anyone, anywhere, who says anything about anything.

It’s remarkable.