I was just scrolling through The Hill, which is a horrible website, and I look away from the screen for a moment and looked back to the staggering sight of four thumbnail images of people with face masks on.

Clockwise that is Nancy Pelosi, this Lauren Boebert woman who is supposed to be the new Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mitt Romney and Anthony Fauci. That is to say, this is the entire political spectrum, representatives of the entire political class in America, collectively agreeing on a clearly deranged agenda to make masks that cover the bottom half of people’s faces a permanent fixture of American life.

This is completely silly, and it is weird. It is like some kind of a cult. The mask is a symbol of a cult belief, like when Hare Krishnas shave their heads except for the one spot.

Of course, it is obviously much more extreme than the Hare Krishnas. The masks cover the entire lower half of the face, making it so you can’t see a person’s facial expression, which means you can’t really understand what they are thinking or feeling. It also makes it hard to understand what they are doing.

The mask cultists are also different than most other cults in that they are fearing doom, and not really seeking any kind of enlightenment. Hare Krishnas wear their robes and cut their hair a specific way, because they claim to be seeking some form of enlightenment. They’re actually just engaging in an ecstasy ritual, but at least it is seeking something positive.

Mask cultists are entirely obsessed with a fear of doom. There is no seeking of anything good or positive, it is entirely an obsession with avoiding doom. They are effectively agreeing that there are evil spirits surrounding the world, and the masks keep them safe from these spirits. (Christianity? Leave it alone!).

They are all wrapped up in a cult mania, but from the outside looking in, it is just too silly to even comprehend.

This leads me to believe we could be reaching a silliness overload. When speaking to normal people, “come on now, this is just absurd” might be a better angle to come at things than attempting to explain how dark and sinister it is.