The military is occupying the United States Capitol, but the federal government refuses to explain why.

I think I just figured it out.

It’s the threat of Lauren Boebert.

The Colorado Republican Congresswoman, who is a white supremacist and a neo-Nazi revolutionary, is clearly planning some kind of a one woman siege on the Capitol.

If she wasn’t planning that, then why would she own guns?

After being questioned about why her guns were visible on a recent Zoom call during some stupid government meeting thing, she explained they were “ready for use.”

Use against who?

Well, obviously minorities and Jews – who else?

When someone said the guns didn’t have magazines in them, she put the magazines in, and said she’s ready to go.

With Boebert’s extensive training, it’s possible that she could bring down the entire government and install herself as white supremacist master of America.

This is why we need even more troops at the Capitol, and troops everywhere else as well.

Some tattoo/TRT faggot with a hairdo is already pledged to join her.

The is red alert 911 emergency time.

We need tanks and we need be be ready to use nukes on American cities if necessary.

Boebert is the crisis.

Now, many of you readers understand what I think about women “leading” any cause, and I have provided countless of evidence showing what occurs as a result. I know I should probably bite my tongue on this, but this must be said: Women destroy society. Women do not belong in public office and public life.

When you see these types of women at the helm, leading the charge, it is usually just to get attention for yelling at someone, which for women simply amounts to “girl power”.

They are just grifters, content with “giving him a piece of my mind”, and think it suffices as “action”. This is essentially what activism is — a feminine construct built upon nagging.

Look at supporrters of Marjorie Taylor Greene and now, Lauren Boebert. They are going to be majority boomer women who are only in it and supporting these women for the sake of “girl power”. These women with their “woo hoo”, “you go girl”, “you tell ’em” responses are thrilled by the fact that a woman “set him straight”. It is truly pathetic and is never about anything more or meaningful.

This is the problem with conservative women — just because they know a little more than liberal women, they think they can say something about something, because they believe they know something about something, when the truth is, they’re just regurgitating the conservative talking points that are given to them by conservative men. They are essentially NPCs who will always eventually deviate from the script, because them thinking they know something about something leads them to an overconfident “girl power” charge. Their feminine nature (Female Animus) takes over and eventually destroys the thing they were allowed to get involved in.

It happens every single time!

Nothing will come of this.

You will see.