Under the Virus Regime, everyone’s a black slave pleading with his masters for freedom.

The behavior of people since this whole virus thing started back in early 2020 suggests that people will comply with anything, but there’s the minuscule possibility that people may indeed refuse the new normal after they’ve been vaccinated.

They were told the vaccine was the end of it, so now they’re acting on that.

That’s why the media’s now talking about new mutant strains that dodge vaccine immunity (12).

“Thank you, peasant, but our immunity is in another vaccine!”

It was never going to end with the vaccine.

Daily Mail:

The public will not accept having to comply with draconian coronavirus restrictions once they have been vaccinated, a Government adviser warned today.

Professor Sir John Bell, who is a member of the Government’s vaccine taskforce, claimed it is ‘not plausible’ to expect people to abide by major curbs, such as a ban on attending football matches, if they have received both doses.

Speaking at the Commons Science and Technology Committee today, he told MPs that people want to get back to a ‘relatively normal way of life’ and steps need to be taken to allow that.

He said: ‘It’s not plausible to imagine a world where we vaccinate the whole country and everybody believes they are still in a place that we were in six months ago, it’s just not reasonable.

I think we are going to have to allow people to adapt their behaviours appropriately if they have actually had the vaccine.’

Yes, they’re your bosses. They are going to decide whether you’re allowed to do stuff or not.

Random strangers being your bosses is the only way to prevent you from accidentally killing someone by breathing too close to them.