Japan was a strong structure.

But it too will come undone.


Thousands of mostly silent demonstrators paraded through central Tokyo on Sunday in protest against the coup in Myanmar, many carrying photos of detained leader Aung San Suu Kyi in what organisers said was the largest such march in Japan to date.

More than 4,000 took part in the protest, organisers said, streaming through the downtown shopping areas of Shibuya and Omotesando with posters saying “Help us save Myanmar” and “Stop Crimes Against Humanity”. Tokyo police said they couldn’t comment on how many people attended the event.

The march came as tens of thousands took to the streets of Myanmar on Sunday in a ninth straight day of protests. Several demonstrations have been held in Japan since the Feb. 1 coup, mainly by Myanmar residents of Japan.

While the detention of elected leader Suu Kyi is currently due to end on Monday, the coup has been denounced by Western countries, with the United States announcing some sanctions on the ruling generals. While other countries also considering measures, Japan and some other Asian nations are unlikely to cut ties given Myanmar’s strategic importance in the region.

“It is very heart-rending,” said Thant Zaw Htun, 45, originally from Yangon and now an employee at a recruitment agency, referring to the protests in Myanmar.

“I want to go back to Myanmar to join them but cannot because of the situation (travel ban due to the coronavirus pandemic). Instead, I join here today to do what I can do.”

Obviously, I’m sure a majority of these marchers are Burmese migrant workers or whatever.

But I’m also sure there are Japanese women involved.

Japan fired the Olympics guy for accurately stating women are annoying, and Japanese women have seen this as a signal to “GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!111”

For those who don’t know, “GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!111” is what you type in the chat to your teammates when it is time for all members of the team to attack the enemy in team RTS games such as StarCraft or Warcraft III. Just like that. With the numericals and all.

That is exactly what you are about to witness in Tokyo: all members of the female team are about to start attacking the enemy, which is “men in general.”

Sneaking into this Burmese protest is a good way for Japanese women to get used to revolutionary action.

I always like to play a little game in all these scenarios: “Find the Jew”.

Every time.

Every single time!