A typical day in NigYork City.

NigNog beats a guy on a bicycle with a baseball bat until he’s unconscious in the street, in NYC.

This is why I left NYC, because I knew these savage pavement apes would be on the loose. They would be able to be who they are in nature — violent, animal hunter gatherer savages — with impunity. The 2020 Bail Reform incentivized the re-emergence of their natural proclivities.

No matter what anyone says, the facts are, they are unnatural to Western Civilization. They are literally hunter gatherers pretending to be compatible with a post post modern civilization.

What you’ve seen above is their natural and common behavior they exhibit wherever they are on the planet. Touchy prides and hair-trigger violence rules their existences.

The guy being beaten unconsciously may have just bumped into the violent ape by mistake. Honestly, I’m being too generous. It truly doesn’t take much to trigger these animals. Perceived offenses will do, such as, “what whatchu lookin’ at cracker!” Just them thinking they were looked at “wrong” will result in another person’s life being taken.

For any white person, or simply the vulnerable, they don’t have to do anything. Just minding your business and a violent monkey is in proximity would result in the monkey attacking to satiate its thrill-seeking pleasures.

This is essentially why everyone is afraid of them, avoids them and don’t care to be around them. Then they in turn cry, “raycism”.

There is no racism! There is only bad behavior and the moral condemnation of it!

Oakland, California. A 71-year-old grandmother was assaulted and robbed in broad daylight near 6th/International on 2/3 while coming home from the bank. She is still bruised and has body aches. Oakland has been hit with a series of attacks and thefts, particularly against Asian seniors.
Video of the deadly assault of an elderly Thai man in the U.S. was released on Monday by his family, who suspected it to be a hate crime. The CCTV footage captured the shocking moment when 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee was mortally wounded in Daly City, San Francisco on Thursday. He died two days later at a hospital. His family said Vicha was likely a victim of anti-Asian sentiment turned deadly.

Normal people shouldn’t have to deal with these animals.

Go to the cinema for a nice evening out.
Noisy couple keep talking through the film.
You ask them to be quiet.
They shoot you.

My neighborhood is changing. They’re moving in. I’m selling!