Pfizer may not be literally the Umbrella Corporation, but they can modify people’s genes.

Oh, no! We’ll have to keep making new vaccines, and adjusting already existing ones! You’ll have to keep paying and getting the injections.

Daily Mail:

A laboratory study suggests that the South African variant of the coronavirus may reduce antibody protection from the Pfizer Inc/BioNTech SE vaccine by two-thirds, and it is not clear if the shot will be effective against the mutation, the companies said on Wednesday.

The study found the vaccine was still able to neutralize the virus and there is not yet evidence from trials in people that the variant reduces vaccine protection, the companies said.

Still, they are making investments and talking to regulators about developing an updated version of their mRNA vaccine or a booster shot, if needed.

Because there is no established benchmark yet to determine what level of antibodies are needed to protect against the virus, it is unclear whether that two-thirds reduction will render the vaccine ineffective against the variant spreading around the world.

Pfizer is an American Jəwish company.

Like the tech giants in Silicon Valley, they are now making moves to compete with governments by passing rules that governments are forced to abide.

You are witnessing the transfer of the power of the state to private hands. It’s all happening in front of you, like a slow motion car crash.