Nu-School is a riot.

In a video uploaded to Facebook and then to YouTube, a middle school teacher in South Carolina is seen showing her new classroom setting, and asking how it is going to work to do school in such an environment.

The teacher, looking through the school room, says:

Alright, mister Richardson. I just have a question for the school board. I’m wondering, this is my classroom, and I have a rather large classroom compared to the other classrooms in our building, but I have 28 desks here right now. If we go back five days a week, I’ll have thirty, thirty or two with the kids coming back from virtual.

This is the middle seat of the back row in my classroom. This is their view, um, for the board.

So I’m just wondering, when we ordered this five million dollars worth of plexiglass, did we have a classroom with 28 desks set up, to where school board members could sit in them and see what this was really going to be like? Because I’m still trying to figure out how, in between my classes, am I supposed to disinfect, how I’m supposed to hear my students when they’re in the back of the room wearing a mask behind all of this plexiglass…

The video is over a month old, and most people haven’t seen it.

Are they doing this across the country? Why is this not on the media?

This is apparently what they are doing all across America – making it impossible for schools to function, which then requires everyone to fall back on Zoom teaching.

Just look at these cages:

This isn’t practical.

She’s saying it cost millions of dollars to build.

School is apparently over, permanently, and they’re just not telling us that yet. Instead, they’re pouring millions of dollars into systems that can’t possibly work, so they can say “oh well, we tried” and then go back to Zoom school.

Everything related to coronavirus is designed to create a hell, so people will say “anything is better than this” and be ready to accept whatever the government introduces. I hope homeschooling your kids has clearly become apparent to you.

I remember when I was in school…