Just look at how stupid they look. They believe they’ve accomplished a life changing milestone by giving away “free” tampons.

Barring the economic aspects of this “act of kindness”, if girls are getting free period products, then boys should get free butterfly knives or Steam credit or something. Yet, that’s too rational for a gynotopia. A gynotopia doesn’t work that way — fairness, equality and logic.

Stuff NZ:

A programme to offer free period products to school students is to be expanded nationwide from June

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Associate Education Minister Jan Tinetti made the announcement at Fairfield College in Hamilton on Thursday.

The school is one of 15 schools and kura in the Waikato which were part of the Access to Period Products pilot scheme since term three last year.

From June, primary, intermediate and high schools across the country can opt into the scheme, expected to cost around $25 million over three years.

Speaking to Fairfield College students, staff, period poverty charities and Ngāti Wairere, Ardern made the promise to keep removing barriers that young people face.

”There’s lots of barriers that shouldn’t exist for our young people,” Ardern said.

“And one of the things stopping our young people from going to school is an issue called period poverty.

“One in 12 of our students possibly miss school because they don’t have access to period products. That’s just not right and not in a country like New Zealand.

The modern system treats menstruation like a handicap, just like it treats pregnancy as an illness. As if women have been punished by nature, and it is the job of “equality” to level this playing field, somehow.

Do you know that many of the birth control pills stop women from menstruating? They even claim “it regulates the menstruation”, demonstrating that women are just too darn stupid to comprehend anything at all — the side effects and impacts these pills have on their bodies — hormones and psyche.

There is of course a natural method for stopping menstruation – it’s called being pregnant all the time.

Women truly are disgustingly stupid. We are attracted to them for one reason and one reason only, but we cannot deny the fact that they are incredibly fucking stupid.