The Fake President Joe Biden spoke at a scripted CNN town hall on Tuesday, and he was surprisingly BASED. He basically said that he wants all black people in prison.

I totally agree with this view. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they did – if they’re black, lock ’em up.

Nah, I’m just joking with you guys. That clip wasn’t from Tuesday. That clip is from 1993, when Joe Biden was a hardcore “racist”. Joe Biden stopped being a “racist” after he went to work for Barack Obama, and Obama made a funny joke. It was just like that movie American History X, where the guy hated blacks, then a black guy made a funny joke, so he became an “anti-racist”.

Joe Biden is now a total “anti-racist”, and actually wants white people to be wiped out.

However, on Tuesday there were flashes of his old “racist” self. At one point, he said that black people aren’t getting the coronavirus vaccine because they don’t know how to use the internet.

“People in these communities don’t know how to get online,” he said – and the crowd started clapping.

It was literally the old “computers are racist” meme (which was a real comment published in a newspaper, by the way).

Tuesday’s CNN town hall is the first major appearance Joe Biden has made since he was falsely inaugurated as fake president, and somehow CNN is not posting the entire thing online. (The above clip of him saying that blacks can’t use the internet is not uploaded by CNN, and is edited to try to bypass YouTube’s copyright filter.)

CNN just posted two short clips from the hour long event. I guess they thought these were his finest moments.

It’s truly unreasonable that you can’t just go watch this event in its entirety. I guess they just wanted to have him appear in public, so they can confirm that yes, he is alive and can still sort of talk in broken sentences.

He isn’t quite fit enough to make calls to foreign leaders, but he can sorta kinda move around and mumble. They want you to know that, but they don’t think you need to see too much of it.

There wasn’t really much to see. Saying “black people can’t use the internet” was probably the funniest part. He also said “these people are swimming across the Rio Grande,” and then apologized for what amounted to calling Mexicans “wetbacks.” He said “it’s the Irish in me,” apparently implying that the Irish are racists (I guess – I didn’t really understand).

The darkest part was probably when he said: “everybody knows I like kids better than people.”

He also celebrated race-mixing in TV commercials. He said, and I paraphrase, “you turn on the TV, and it’s nothing but mixed race couples in the commercials – this would have been unheard of!”

It was a bit like that time he thanked the Jews for using Hollywood to normalize gay marriage.

(That was in 2013 when his mind was still functioning, by the way – this guy was always goofy). This is the Biden I know and remember.

It’s like that time he said in a Zoom conference that, America is doomed because of black people and because whites are becoming a minority, which is the hardest, coldest fact, of human existence.

He also effectively said that all poor people in the world are going to be brought to live in America. He talked about poverty in Africa and said “we have to bring these people in.”

Overall, it was just everything you’d expect it to be, so I guess maybe that’s why CNN doesn’t feel obligated to make it publicly available, because “it’s just what you’d expect it would be.”