Bad op-sec is a killer, you guys.

Always know what you’re doing in terms of your security.


A white, male University of New Hampshire chemistry professor has resigned after being accused of posing as a female immigrant of color on Twitter to make racist and sexist comments.

The university, which has not named the professor and described the person only as a faculty member, confirmed the resignation Friday after a four-month investigation.

University President James Dean Jr. sent a letter to the community Wednesday announcing the person had resigned, a spokesperson said. The letter did not release details of the investigation.

“While we are limited in what we can say in order to protect the privacy of all involved, we can share that the faculty member chose to resign when the university concluded that the conduct exhibited was not consistent with the university’s values and our expectation that every faculty member contribute to a professional academic environment free of intimidation and harassment,” Dean wrote.

The chair of the university’s chemistry department, Glen Miller, did not respond to a request for comment Friday.

But in an October email previously obtained by The Associated Press, Miller used the white, male professor’s first name and acknowledged the professor had set up a Twitter account as an impostor with tweets that ranged from “unfortunate to hurtful to deeply offensive.”

Several people who reviewed the account before it was taken down late last year said it routinely contained racist, sexist and transphobic comments and images.

The person behind the account also detailed fighting efforts from an unnamed police department to speak out on racial injustice following the police killing of George Floyd. The person also routinely mentioned a fake background to criticize users who were pushing for greater diversity in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

Several people also accused the user of attacking mostly women of color who disagreed and encouraging his followers to do the same.

You can write the funniest thing ever on earth, and it’s all for naught if you end up losing your job over it. The gynotopia knows this, this is why shaming tactics and shaming language works so well, in weak men.

Yet, it is nice to be reminded again that we do have friends in high places, and not everyone in the establishment is on board with this weird ‘woke’ agenda.

In fact, it’s probably an overwhelming majority that aren’t on board with it. It’s just that everyone is scared to death, because obviously, you can build a career over decades, and it is all just flushed down the toilet if you say that maybe there is a difference between a woman and a tranny. People are afraid of the Feminine.

This Feminine system runs entirely on fear. That is really the only thing holding it together and as history has shown, such systems are not particularly stable.