As you know, Joe Biden signed many executive orders to change the weather, as science has determined that the weather is too warm, and the planet needs to be colder.

These executive orders have worked magnificently, creating record cold weather across the planet. However, some have died.


A winter storm that left millions without power in record-breaking cold weather claimed more lives Tuesday, including three people found dead after a tornado hit a seaside town in North Carolina and four family members who perished in a Houston-area house fire while using a fireplace to stay warm.

The storm that overwhelmed power grids and immobilized the Southern Plains carried heavy snow and freezing rain into New England and the Deep South and left behind painfully low temperatures. Wind-chill warnings extended from Canada into Mexico.

In all, at least 16 deaths were reported. Other causes included car crashes and carbon monoxide poisoning. The weather also threatened to affect the nation’s COVID-19 vaccination effort. President Joe Biden’s administration said delays in vaccine shipments and deliveries were likely.

North Carolina’s Brunswick County had little notice of the dangerous weather, and a tornado warning was not issued until the storm was already on the ground.

The National Weather Service was “very surprised how rapidly this storm intensified … and at the time of night when most people are at home and in bed, it creates a very dangerous situation,” Emergency Services Director Ed Conrow said.

It now seems as though instead of signing these executive orders to change the weather immediately upon entering office, Joe Biden should have waited and allowed people to prepare for the cold he was going to create.

All scientists on earth agree that we must transform the earth into a frozen wasteland, in order to stop hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanos. However, it would have been kinder of Biden to give some warning, and allow for people to get ready for these icy snowstorms he created with these executive orders.

People deserved to be given some kind of fair warning before Biden went ahead and froze the whole world over.