In China, you are censored if you:

Talk against the government aggressively, and in particular if you attack Xi Jinping or the communist party directly.

In America, you are censored if you:

  • Talk about Jews
  • Point out that Jews are the single wealthiest group of people in the world
  • Research the Holocaust
  • Say the n-word
  • Misgender a tranny
  • Make jokes about a dead fat woman
  • Say that trannies aren’t women
  • Oppose homosexual marriage
  • Post black crime statistics
  • Post CDC coronavirus statistics
  • Post about Hunter Biden
  • Ask any questions at all about the coronavirus
  • Ask any questions at all about the coronavirus vaccine
  • Post information showing that Trump won the election

There is no reality in which Americans have more free speech than the Chinese. Anyone who tells you that is lying to you on purpose. It is objectively untrue, and it is obviously untrue. There is no way to make the argument in support of this claim, which is why they just ban you if you question it.

I’m sick of this shit.

Marsha Blackburn can go eat shit.

This is retarded.

I don’t care about cute memes about the leader of China, you stupid, disgusting old bitch.

We’re not allowed to talk about this gene-altering vaccine, as we’re being pressured into being injected with it, and this bitch is running around giggling about esoteric Chinese memes!


For those people out there who are fervently listening to the nonsense the Jewish mainstream media is peddling about China being our “greatest threat”, just stop! Think for second. Realize that the Chinese have more freedoms than we do and the people we ought to be concerned about are right here, in America. Taking away our constitutional rights and civil liberties, locking us down and forcing us to abandon fellowship with family members and loved ones.