Many anti-science Republicans and white supremacist terrorist extremists scoffed at Joe Biden’s series of executive orders aimed at changing the weather – but they are working, and they are working quick and hard.

The entirety of North America is freezing over as a result of Joe Biden’s actions.

Biden and his leftards are going, “you see?”


There’s “no shortage of winter weather hazards” across the US Sunday, with half of all Americans under winter warnings, watches or advisories, according to the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center.

But there’s one particularly ferocious winter storm that’s taking aim at the South Central US, parts of which are still reeling from the deadly conditions a separate storm system created last week. And the worst part: it will be followed by another strong storm system that’s likely to hit Tuesday.

“For long-time residents of southeastern Texas, southern Oklahoma, northern Louisiana and southern Arkansas, this will likely be the worst week of winter weather in your lifetime so far,” CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said.

The winter storm making its way into the region Sunday has put parts of southern Texas under winter storm watches for the “first time in a decade,” the prediction center said.

Winter storm warnings extend throughout all 254 counties in Texas, all 77 counties in Oklahoma, and all 75 counties in Arkansas. In records that go back 35 years, this appears to be the first time all Texas counties have been under a winter storm warning at the same time, according to CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller.

And it won’t just be freezing this week — it will be so numbingly cold, that there will likely be more than 140 record-low temperatures shattered from Sunday morning through Tuesday morning, Van Dam said.

And more records could come by mid-week, he added.

More than 55 million people are already under wind chill alerts from North Dakota southward to Texas and from Indiana west to Montana, Van Dam said.

Wind chills will range from about 60 degrees below zero Fahrenheit near the Canadian border to 20 degrees below zero across central Texas, he added.

“This initial cold blast will last through Tuesday morning with another reinforcing shot of cold arctic air entrenching itself southward to the Gulf Coast by midweek,” Van Dam said.

Animals enjoy this snow. And we must put animals first, as they are the future of our democracy.

If Joe Biden continues on with this program to change the weather, America and the world at large are going to be transformed into a totally frozen wasteland.

This is what science says we have to do – we have to turn the entire world into a solid sheet of ice, or there will be a terrible catastrophe, and all the forests will burn, and there will be earthquakes and volcanos and everyone will die.

Cold might be an inconvenience, but people can warm up by having gay anal sex with one another, don’t you know. A transexual governor is the answer to all our problems. Conversely, no amount of anal sex can save you if you are buried in volcanic ash.

If Biden’s program continues, we will be living in a winter wonderland, and the planet will finally be happy, and stop trying to punish us with volcanos.

As for me, the cold never bothered me anyway. The rest of you are just going to have to let it go.

To those of you who cannot recognize sarcasm, well… but anyway. The goal post has been moved from “Global warming” to “climate change”, to cover all bases pertaining to any to come changes and severities in weather patterns. The expression, “climate change” is redundant, because change is inherent in the definition of the word climate.

But this is the insane clown world society we live in, yet we let these people rule over us.