I was the number one predictor of total doom, and even I was surprised to see Joe Biden come out of the gates with a plan to take everyone’s guns.

However, I guess it is reasonable enough, given that he was able to open the borders and give all of the illegals citizenship through executive order.

Asked about Joe Biden’s plan to take everyone’s guns from them, the dead-eyed and soulless press secretary Jen Psaki said that taking people’s guns is a “personal priority” for Joe Biden.

I guess that means he’s “staying true to himself.”

This is quite a feat for an 80-year-old senile fool. So, we should really be proud of him.

He is who we are. He knows our values.

I can’t wait to see all the tough guy boomers finally take a stand now that Biden is coming for their guns.

That is sarcasm, by the way.

No boomer is a tough guy, and no boomer is ever going to take a stand for anything. They made all these noises about their guns for decades, but every single one of these cowards is going to line up and hand them over to big boss Joe.

Actually, some of them probably are genuine tough guys. I can imagine there are a few boomers that are genuine tough guys, but you either won’t hear about them at all, or they will be reported as “evil domestic terrorists.”

If boomers were going to draw a line, they should have drawn the line at freedom of speech. Now that freedom of speech is gone, there is no way to defend any other right.

Boomers like everyone else, have cucked to femininity. Enjoy your doom!