I don’t know about you, but I never expected to see women going apeshit to support the overthrow of a popular government run by competent white men – especially if that government is out of favor with the billionaire class.

Women are really true independent thinkers with original and unique perspectives, so it is really surprising to see them endorsing a fake revolution manufactured by billionaires.

I am not being sarcastic. I really think women are geniuses and they should control everything. So I guess it is good to be ruled by Jewish hedge fund managers and Silicon Valley perverts.


Some 240 women held on to a long white ribbon to form a human chain on an iconic pedestrianized street in Moscow, on Sunday. It was part of a protest organised by supporters of Western-leaning opposition figure Alexey Navalny.

The gathering, on the central Arbat Street, coincided with Valentine’s Day and was dubbed “Love is stronger than fear.” Some of the participants were given flowers, balloons and leaflets with black hearts.


Those involved told reporters the “chain of solidarity” was aimed at showing support to figures they referred to as “female political prisoners” detained in Russia.

Many of the younger participants struggled to name any “imprisoned” women in particular. Meanwhile, others mentioned Navalny’s wife Yulia and his close associate Lyubov Sobol as well as Pussy Riot activist Maria Alekhina. However, none of them are actually in jail.

Yulia Navalnaya left the country for Germany earlier this week. Her husband was sentenced in early February to two-and-a-half years behind bars for parole violations. Sobol was placed under house arrest for two months for calling for mass protests in violation of Covid-19 restrictions.

The unsanctioned gathering in central Moscow passed off without any significant police presence, and saw no incidents or arrests. After the action ended, a woman seemingly overseeing the action rolled up the white ribbon, and the protesters collected all the litter they left in the street.

A similar “chain of solidarity” was formed on Sunday in Russia’s second city, Saint Petersburg. The rally saw 70 people taking part and was also peaceful.

Both Moscow and Saint Petersburg have seen heated protests, with clashes and arrests over two weekends, after Navalny was arrested on his return to Russia from Berlin in mid-January. The anti-corruption activist spent five months in Germany recovering from what he insists was a poisoning attempt masterminded by the Kremlin – an accusation flatly denied by the Russian authorities, who say no proof of poisoning has been provided by Berlin, despite repeated requests.

Women are such incredible and amazing geniuses that it is unbelievable that civilization made it this long without being totally controlled by them.

It’s a good thing the men who run Russia were too stupid to shut down Western social media, otherwise these actualized female geniuses might not know where to get their orders from the US State Department as to where they’re supposed to be protesting.