Previously on “Doomed Right Wing Celebrities”: Mandalorian Star, Gina Carano, Fired by Jews for Right-Wing Statements.

These people still don’t understand what’s going on.

This includes Kevin Sorbo, an actor who played Hercules on a boring show called “Hercules,” has been banned from Facebook.

But he isn’t banned from Twitter yet, so he was able to tell people on Twitter that he’d been banned from Facebook.

He’s saying he’s making a new page. Not sure why he thinks that would work. If they were going to allow him to make a new page, they just wouldn’t have banned the first page.

There might be some cognitive dissonance at work there. People seem to still be under the impression that we live in a free country, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Soon, they’ll ban him from Twitter as well. Twitter has a policy of waiting about a week after a Facebook and YouTube ban to ban someone, so they can claim they’re not working together with the rest of the companies.

The funniest thing was when Oliver Darcy of CNN got Alex Jones banned from YouTube and Facebook, and then Alex confronted Oliver Darcy about it, and Twitter banned him for complaining about getting banned from other services.

I mean, it was darkly funny, but it was funny.

It was all kinds of funny when Alex zoomed in on Darcy’s face and said “look at his beady little rat eyes.”

Anyway, yes: everyone is getting banned from everything, including Hercules.

The mob was of course celebrating Sorbo’s ban.

There is an entire group of people who are virulently obsessed with forcing everyone on earth to think the exact same thoughts all the time.

It’s a very strange thing to see.

Sorbo is, I don’t think, very smart, but he is a Christian and has a good heart. He’s been saying a lot of things you’re not allowed to say lately.

He’s not an important celebrity, but he is a person who people know from a show, and that is unacceptable. All of the people that the public recognizes from shows are all supposed to be totally on-board with the entire agenda.