Where is This Going?

Previously on “This is Happening in Real Life”:

  • An entire 2/3rds of Americans (and most Europeans) are still scared to death of a flu hoax that has kept them locked in their houses for a year.
  • The leader of the lockdown agenda, Anthony Fauci, has effectively said that the lockdown will last until 2024.
  • Divorce, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, drug overdoses, and every other negative mental health outcome you can think of has skyrocketed during the lockdown. (We don’t really know the numbers yet.)
  • At least one third of the total amount of US dollars in circulation was printed in 2020.
  • The supposed vaccine for the virus is actually a genetic engineering device, which delivers synthetic mRNA to give instructions to the body’s cells. This technology could be used for changing people’s DNA.
  • White people the world over are now engaging in a kind of religious worship of black people, and nonwhites generally, as a result of consistent guilt-oriented trauma by the media. When blacks riot and burn down cities, it is celebrated and called a “mostly peaceful protest.”
  • The media just stole an election for the Democrat Party, and everyone knows it, and no one did anything about it.
  • The alleged “President Biden” is a senile septuagenarian who doesn’t speak in coherent sentences. All of his interactions with the media are scripted, and there is apparently a microphone in his ear that tells him what to say.
  • The protest at the Capitol, which was actually in real life mostly peaceful, is being framed as another 911. This time, the terrorists are normal white people who voted for Trump.
  • Two groups have been charged with “conspiracy” as regards the “attack” on the Capitol, and the leaders of both groups are FBI employees.
  • The United States Capitol is now occupied by the US military, and no one from the federal government has explained why. The Jewish governor of Illinois, however, who is a pretty powerful Democrat politician, said that he sent troops to the Capitol to fight “white supremacy” and “disinformation.”
  • Joe Biden’s administration has announced that we now basically have an open borders policy for illegal immigrants. He’s also announced that he’s going to give citizenship to all illegal immigrants.
  • Joe Biden has said he is increasing refugee admissions by more than 700%.
  • Most white people believe that living a normal life in an industrialized society is a kind of sin which is causing forest fires and earthquakes. John Kerry is back out there preaching unhinged nonsense about the apocalypse.
  • There are uprisings across the third world, spurred by the various intelligence agencies (primarily through the use of social media), aimed at putting women and homosexuals in charge of every government, which will allow for easy integration into a global system.
  • A bizarre staged poisoning event involving a Russian neo-Nazi leader and cosmetic product embezzler has led to what appears to be a total shutdown of diplomatic relations between the West and Russia. This came after the US consulate encouraged anti-government protests in Russia, and European diplomats actually went to the protests.
  • Virtually everyone in society is completely addicted to cellphone usage, and has their faces glued to the device most of their waking hours. This is changing the shape of their spines.
  • Everyone’s face is already in a facial recognition database, there are already cameras all over the world in every public place, and many of these cameras are about to be linked into the global facial recognition database which, using 5G, will allow for real time registering of every movement anyone makes.
  • People who sexualize children are now above reproach. Single mothers injecting their battered pre-pubescent (i.e., non-sexual) sons with puberty blockers and estrogen are celebrated as brave.
  • Homosexual men dress up like demons and go to the public library, and single mothers bring their toddlers for the homosexual to physically fondle.
  • Marijuana is being legalized across the world, with addiction being openly encouraged and incentivized by the state. (Recreational marijuana legalization has come close to doubling usage across demographics.)
  • Opioid laws are no longer enforced, and intravenous drugs have effectively been decriminalized in America.
  • Effectively 100% of men in the West are addicted to pornography. (This is true even in self-reported studies.)
  • New legal precedent has put the word of a woman in court on the same level as physical evidence of a crime.
  • The most popular show in Netflix history and one of the most watched items of scripted entertainment ever in history is a black male/white female interracial porno, which claims to feature real sex. (Bridgerton has been viewed by 82 million households. In comparison, 114 million watched the Super Bowl, which is the most watched event on television globally.)
  • Elon Musk claimed last week that he put a computer chip in the brain of a monkey and the monkey was able to play video games with its thoughts. Musk estimates that commercial purchases of a neural interface device will be available by 2030.
  • Anyone who says anything about any of this is banned from everything.

So: how are you feeling?

I hope you’re not dizzy yet, because this party is just getting started.

The most problematic issue here is that all of these things on the list are either being celebrated by the media or not talked about by the media, and the media now has total control over what people think.

It is very clear that we are moving very fast to something very bad.

The big question on everyone’s mind here is: where is it that we are we going?

That is not exactly clear.

So, let’s list off the things we do know:

  • Jews are the single most wealthy, powerful and networked group on earth, and they want to rule a global satanic type of government
  • There is a group of powerful people who have sex with children
  • People involved in the tech industry, as well as people in the “technocrat” class of bureaucrats, have a religion based around using technology to live forever

So, I guess the endgame is a class of satanic immortal overlords, many or most of who are going to be Jəwish, ruling over a peasant class whose thoughts are controlled by computer chips in their brains and then I guess they’ll… conquer the galaxy?

It’s a really strange plan.

What I want everyone to remember is this: these people do not really have a very good grip on what is going on, and this whole thing is actually destined to fall apart.