I think we all knew this was coming. She’d been making right-wing statements for months, but apparently they didn’t want to fire her because she’s a woman of color or whatever. I thought she was Italian and she looks Italian, but many are saying she’s “a waaahman of color”. I don’t believe it and I stand with her, because she has learned that talking about Jews and the Holocaust is a bridge too far.

This is why I made a point to say how brave it was of her to say this stuff – because there was just zero chance she wasn’t going to be fired.

Very few people are willing to just totally burn down their careers like this on principle.


Social media users have sharpened their pitchforks after it was revealed that Lucasfilm axed ‘Mandalorian’ star Gina Carano. Conservatives claim she was wrongfully ‘canceled’ from the show due to her political beliefs.

No stranger to internet controversy, Carano shared a post from another user on her Instagram page on Wednesday which described how Jews were treated in Nazi Germany, as part of a broader commentary about political persecution.

The post caused a major meltdown on social media, with #FireGinaCarano quickly trending on Twitter. Hours later, Lucasfilm, which produces ‘The Mandalorian’, said in a statement that the actress would not be returning for the show’s third season. The studio condemned Carano’s “abhorrent and unacceptable” social media posts but did not elaborate on why it was parting ways with the star.

Social justice crusaders chalked up her firing as a victory, but the hasty decision to dump Carano may have backfired. Popular political commentator Dave Rubin reacted to the situation by announcing he would no longer subscribe to Disney+, the streaming service that broadcasts the Star Wars-based ‘Mandalorian’ series.

“We need to stop giving these people our money and we must build new franchises,” he wrote.

Yes, of course, Dave Rubin was right out in front of it.

Jack Posobiec as well.

Of course, I guess I agree. I guess. Yeah Dave Rubin is a Jëw, yet even though I agree, I still understand how they control both and all sides of a narrative. They have to, but I mean – Disney isn’t going to shut down because right-wing Twitter canceled their Disney+ subscriptions. As a left winger pointed out to Posobiec. (Another Jəw)

So it’s almost like making a point of this is actually just a waste of time.

We need bigger changes than “please let some Amazonian woman on steroids with right-wing views be on a Star Wars TV show.”

The Mandalorian actually is a “good show” by modern standards, in that it is just a show, without all of this political messaging in it. It’s not particularly well written or anything, but it is just pure nostalgia without some message about gay anal or black gang members.

But you know – whatever.

I do feel like wasting energy on this is just a way to divert attention from things that actually matter.

The only argument you can make as to why this matters is – no, wait, that doesn’t really matter either.

I will just say this: I do salute Gina, because it was totally brave to just purposefully destroy your career on principle like this. That is an awesome act.