The Jəws are complaining about a video of an Englishman on a bus in London getting very angry at a couple of Jəws.

The Jĕwish police, called the “Shomrim,” are claiming that the angry young gentleman committed a “hate crime” and are demanding that he be hunted down and punished.

In actual fact, everything that he said is true.

It’s not clear what triggered the incident, and it doesn’t matter.

The man tells the Jĕws to “have some fucking respect,” before accurately referring to them as “cunts.”

“You think you can come over here and fuck with us English people?”, the man asks these Jəws.

The Jəws mumble something and the man replies: “Yeah fuck off back to your country then, innit.”

He adds: “You think you own this country.

“You don’t own this fucking damn country. You understand? Go and fuck yourself.”

The man then exits the bus.

The actual crime here is that this man, who is obviously from the working class, does not have anyone to speak up for him. Instead, as he’s struggling (as I’m sure he is struggling) with his own financial problems and drama with women, he is told that he has “privilege” over the people that control his country, and that getting angry about what is going on is actually a crime.

Meanwhile, the media, which is controlled by Jëws, is referring to the angry young man as “a thug,” and is siding with the Shomrim in calling for him to be hunted down and punished.

The Jĕws do think they own the country. They behave as though they own the country. They behave as though men like this angry man on the bus, who they refer to as “the goyim,” are their personal property, which they can use and abuse as they see fit.

This man is really just the same as the average peasant in America, or in Russia, or in any other White European country. He’s the kind of person who used to fight for the king, and who used to be taken care of by the king in return. (To be clear, I’m not using “peasant” as a pejorative. I am a peasant by birth as well. Most of us are not descended from noblemen).

The peasants used to have the ability to go to the kings, who they fought for, and register their complaints. If their complaints were valid, it would be the responsibility of the king to do something about it. If the king refused to do something about an issue that a large number of peasants had a complaint about, the peasants would then have a case for calling for him to step down, and be replaced with a king who would do something about the problem in question.

What democracy does is remove the ability of the peasants to petition the government over grievances, and to have those grievances addressed. In democracy, we are told to “vote for change.” If change doesn’t happen, then the peasants are held responsible for the lack of change, because they voted the wrong way.

Democracy ultimately amounts to a complex system of victim blaming.

Under democracy, there remains a ruling class. It’s simply that they are above reproach, and do not have any responsibilities to the public. Most of this new ruling class is in fact Jêwish.

You have to have a ruling class. Someone has to be in charge (so they say), but that ruling class should only be able to operate with the consent of the masses of people. Democracy has removed that consent, and created a situation where we are told to just “lie down and take it.”

Democracy is an evil system and it is indefensible. The masses of people have to be given back some kind of mechanism to petition for their grievances.

None of this stuff about “our values” and “who we are” actually means anything to anyone. We have problems, and the only people who can solve these problems are the people in charge. If not, then it’ll be up to the people themselves to fix their own problems. I’m in favor of the latter.

You can tell by looking at this man that he has all of the same grievances we all have:

  • Financial grievances, due to the system of international trade and a tax scheme that benefits the wealthy
  • Women and family grievances due to the system of feminism
  • Community and safety grievances, due to the agenda for mass nonwhite immigration
  • Social grievances, due to the media’s promotion of homosexuality
  • Religious and spiritual grievances, due to the total corruption of the church

And so on.

If he complains about any of these grievances, he is either going to be told that he is evil for having such grievances, or he is going to be told that the solution is to vote for different people.

Obviously, the grievances are not going to be addressed, because the ruling class wants things the way they are, and because of democracy, the ruling class is above reproach.

The system is totally broken, and it needs to be replaced with a system that works for the people.

The fact that the media’s solution to this man’s anger is to hunt him down and punish him is simply proof of just how broken this system actually is.