The Hill was a news website that was formed by a former New York Times correspondent named Jerry Finkelstein ((very interestinglast name). However, this was a paper that was printed in Washington, and not really distributed across the country. Unlike the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, or the Chicago Times, you couldn’t buy it at 7/11 or Dairy Mart when I was growing up as a kid and getting into newspapers.

Many people are not even aware that there was a print version of this publication, as most of us became familiar with it just the the last ten years, when it has begun competing with the likes of the New York Times and the Washington post within the social media ecosystem.

It is a paper that tends to frame itself as a “middle of the road” publication. They print more “right-wing” op-eds than any other mainstream website.

Since Joe Biden took office, however, the paper has made a pretty aggressive turn left. For example, they now have an entire area of the website that is ominiously titled “Changing America.” This is what you would think it would be – it is a series of articles about how white people are being forced out of mainstream society, and replaced with black and brown people and women.

These are the sections within the subsection of “Changing America.”

Browsing the section, you see a lot of imagery like this:

Those are black and brown hands, reaching out to grab something. Presumably, they are reaching out to grab things that belong to whites, and take them for themselves. That is what is now known as “equality.”

Here’s another “Changing America” imagine, which features nonwhite fists.

What are they going to do with those fists? Are they going to hurt whites?

I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

How else are they “changing America”?

Well, they’re teaching pigs to use joysticks.

We are harnessing the untapped potential of pigs in this new America.

I don’t really understand why, but that is something we are apparently doing.

The only purpose I can think of here is that they’re going to tell us that pigs are too smart to eat, and use that as a part of the vegan agenda, but “untapped potential” is the term they use when they say that they’re going to do something like get black people jobs in computer programming or something, so the headline actually does give the impression they want to give pigs jobs.

I’ve been following the “Changing America” section at the Hill since it emerged last month, and I still do not have a clear understanding of it.

It should be noted that they also have some of the futurism stuff, which I think is something most people believe is generally positive. Today there is a piece up about Mars.

However, I don’t want to put the breaks on fun, but I’m really having a hard time picturing how exactly we are going to carry out these missions to the Moon, and to Mars and so on, under the current regime of abolishing white men. I just can’t really see how we are going to send obese women, transsexuals, Somalians, obese feminists and people of color out to colonize space.

It seems to me that sending the people who our society is now celebrating as the greatest people on earth to a Mars colony would not really work out very well.

But who knows. Maybe I’m missing something.

There is a lot of very weird stuff going on these days. We here at the Specular Effect are doing our best to keep you abreast of these developments, but we will not always be able to explain what they mean, as many of these developments do not appear to have any meaning.