An aggressive female black played a clip of Nick Fuentes during the impeachment trial on Wednesday.

Rep. Stacey Plaskett, who is a representative from *checks notes* from the Virgin Islands, played the clip of Nick before the so-called “Capitol Storm.” It was the famous clip that went viral before of Nick and the Groypers chanting “destroy the GOP.”

Jake Lloyd, known commonly as “the best dressed man in DC,” is seen in the clip, looking exquisite as always. It has been reported that no one in Congress watching this performance was paying much attention to the black woman, as they were all texting their aides to “find out who that kid’s tailor is.”

It’s not clear what point Ms. Plaskett was trying to make, exactly.

That is guaranteed to be the single most interesting thing that happens at the trial.

Nick has been on fire lately, by the way, and everyone should be following him.

He’s still on Twitter somehow.

He’s basically the only person on Twitter left worth following, which I think is why he’s still allowed on there.

His show is streaming weekdays at (The show used to be on every night at 9 PM, but I’m not sure about the current schedule. The site does work now).

Everyone who follows him should also be telling him to fix his podcast, because a lot of people want that shit on 1.5x while they’re at the gym home gym in the garage doing push-ups, sit-ups and front-squats while holding a 5 gallon water bottle filled with pennies.