Well, a black woman ran out of hair product and used Gorilla Glue.

She’s going to have to have it removed by a celebrity plastic surgeon, TMZ reports.

She’s now suing the company, apparently. Her lawyer says the term “multi use” on the label is misleading.

Gorilla Glue has issued an official apology for this mix-up.

Black people with blue checks are claiming the situation is the result of racism. (In other news, black blue checks are picking up on my capitalize all the letters of BLACK bit).

You can laugh at this.

You can watch the video above.

Some of you maybe don’t understand: about 3/4ths of black people are at that level. There are some legitimately intelligent black people here and there, and there is a so-called “talented tenth” that is ostensibly capable of being able to integrate into white society. In my experience, it’s more like a “talented fiftieth,” but I had a black kid at my high school whose difference from the white kids was literally “the color of the skin.” He had the same general behavior, the same likelihood to get bad grades, the same likelihood to get in trouble, etc.

I can understand why privileged middle class millennials have this idea that inside every black person, there is a white person just waiting to emerge, because they all had a kid like that in high school.

Sometimes I think about the kid from my high school, and feel bad, because social media has portrayed me as though I want to kill African people or something. Meanwhile, many on the right have been accused of not hating African people enough.

I remember back about a decade ago, when I was first familiarizing myself with race realism, I was on a call with a semi-famous KKK type guy. They all started coming around with their hands out when I ended up with a popular blog writing about race issues. I said to this guy, “well, it really all comes down to the Jewish problem,” and he told me “well, if we dealt with the Jewish problem, we’d still have a nigger problem.” And I was like, “wait, what?”

The overwhelming majority of black people are somewhere around the level of the woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair. Whites lived alongside blacks for hundreds of years successfully, first under slavery, then under Jim Crow. In South Africa, whites lived successfully alongside black people for centuries as less than 10% of the population of the region. Both relationships collapsed when Jəws arrived on the scene.

All this is to say that that guy was not wrong, but whites have had a very acute and stabilizing effect of African savagery, for the most part until (((they))) showed up.

The Jəw Joe Slovo led the Nelson Mandela communist uprising in South Africa. In America, Martin Luther King was trained by Jəwish communists, and all of his advisors and speech writers were Jĕwish communists. (Note: Mandela was a seriously deviant, violent psychopath and a terrorist who advocated and probably invented the practice of “necklacing,” which is filling a tire full of gasoline and putting it around someone’s head and lighting it on fire. Conversely, King was a sexual degenerate with a low IQ who was fully a tool of the Jəws around him.)

I’m not defending black people and their shit here. I’m just telling the truth. The history exists. In a society without Jəws, blacks will follow rules, they will be polite, they will entertain you. They are more prone to violence and crime, due to their lower average intelligence and higher serum testosterone, high impulsivity and MAOA gene, but they are not naturally driven to be evil. Well, I take that back. The aforementioned combination makes them natural, born killers and what is considered to be evil to us is actually quite normal to them, but the point is, under rigorous restraint and the auspices of white cultural influence, their inner and natural savage inclinations can be suppressed. It’s similar to women.

Slavery was also not evil in the West, frankly. It was for the most part an economic relationship. Africans were part of the family. Under slavery, white women allowed their infant children to be breast fed by the likes of that woman in the video above. If there had been a white woman in the house with this woman, she would have said, “Miss Karen, can I put there glue in my hurrr, make it be look all purrrty like?” and Miss Karen would say “oh no, dear – this is not for hair!”

Granted, the white relationship with the blacks has at this point deteriorated so much that it maybe cannot be restored, but we shouldn’t lie. Historically, blacks and whites were both innocent, and are both victims of the same groups of bloodsucking Middle Eastern cultists.

The exercises where right-wing people on the internet lay out their plan for their future society are, I believe, moronic, and the people doing it are fundamentally retarded whites who cannot reason, but just to be clear, I’m not arguing for some kind of a return to slavery or anything of the likes. I’m just talking about the reality of the history, and the reality of black people.

By the way: did you know that Abraham Lincoln exchanged letters with Karl Marx? 

Many people don’t know that, but it is factually true. Frankly, I’m having a hard time finding the full letters on the internet. (I can only find this one here, but there are others somewhere. This censorship is out of control. You just can’t even find anything on the internet anymore.)

The Washington Post wrote an article about it in 2019. So, there’s your Jewish connection to the whole “free the slaves” thing. This is not some urban myth. Read the article. The Post is arguing that Lincoln was a “regular reader” of Marx.

Every single time, lads.