Found another one!

TIME Magazine:

A man who authorities say is a leader of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group and helped to organize a ring of other extremists and led them in the attack last month at the U.S. Capitol has held a top-secret security clearance for decades and previously worked for the FBI, his attorney said Monday.

Thomas Caldwell, who authorities believe holds a leadership role in the extremist group, worked as a section chief for the FBI from 2009 to 2010 after retiring from the Navy, his lawyer, Thomas Plofchan, wrote in a motion urging the judge to release him from jail while he awaits trial.

The defense said Caldwell, who has denied being part of the Oath Keepers, has held a top-secret security clearance since 1979, which required multiple special background investigations, according to Plofchan. Caldwell also ran a consulting firm that did classified work for the U.S. government, the lawyer said.

“He has been vetted and found numerous times as a person worthy of the trust and confidence of the United States government, as indicated by granting him Top Secret clearances,” Plofchan wrote.

Most section chiefs within the FBI rise through the ranks of the bureau and it is unclear whether Caldwell would’ve been directly hired for that position or whether he held any other positions with the bureau. The FBI did not immediately comment Monday evening and Caldwell’s lawyer didn’t immediately answer questions about his client’s work.

Caldwell is one of three people authorities have described as Oath Keepers who were charged last month with conspiracy and accused of plotting the attack on the Capitol in advance. He has been locked up since his arrest at his home in Berryville, Virginia, on Jan. 19.

Caldwell’s lawyer said he denies ever going into the Capitol and has “physical limitations” that would prevent the 66-year-old from forcing his way into any building.

Charging documents show messages between Caldwell and the others about arranging hotel rooms in the Washington area in the days before the siege. In one Facebook message from to Caldwell, one the others says: “Will probably call you tomorrow … mainly because … I like to know wtf plan is. You are the man COMMANDER.”

Authorities say the Oath Keepers communicated during the attack about where lawmakers were. At one point during the siege, Caldwell received a message that said “all members are in the tunnels under the capital,” according to court documents. “Seal them in turn on gas,” it said.

Other messages read: “Tom all legislators are down in the Tunnels 3floors down” and “go through back house chamber doors facing N left down hallway down steps,” according to court documents.

So, this is FBI agents using some kind of terrorist lingo, making sure it is recorded and preserved as electronic messages, and then accusing normal, patriotic Trump voters of being responsible for it. This is cruel and sadistic. You have to really hate someone to do something like this to them.

Yet, it’s not like we didn’t have foreshadowing of this. You saw the disdain that these people have for normal people throughout the Trump era.

These are people with no connection at all to normal people, who basically don’t even view us as human beings.

The Oath Keepers were the first group to be charged with “conspiracy” as relates to the Capitol protest. Now, we find that their leader is an FBI agent.

We also know that the leader of the Proud Boys is an FBI informant, who was effectively operating in the capacity of an undercover agent. They are the other group charged with conspiracy to storm the Capitol.

So, let me just repeat this back to you: Two groups have been charged with conspiracy to storm the Capitol. The leaders of both groups are admitted FBI agents.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated story, the Twitter personality Ricky Vaughn was indicted on conspiracy to make memes supporting Trump in the 2016 election. That event was made possible by Paul Nehlen and Christopher Cantwell, who doxed Ricky Vaughn to the media, and then informed on him to the FBI. It is in the Vaughn indictment that both Nehlen and Cantwell reported to the FBI on this matter. As a part of this same crowd, a neo-Nazi podcast group called “The Right Stuff” was exposed in 2018 as having an FBI informant working for them (as their “head of security”). They were involved in attempting to rehabilitate Christopher Cantwell before he eventually ended up in prison. Cantwell was put in prison because he was too out of control. If he wasn’t in prison, there would likely be a third de facto employee of the FBI on the list of conspirators to storm the Capitol.

In yet another unrelated matter, MILO Yiannopoulos was exposed in court documents from the Charlottesville civil lawsuit as being an FBI informant.

And in the last unrelated matter (that I can think of right now), the bizarre fake Nazi satanic cult terrorist group Atomwaffen AKA “The Base” was exposed as being run by a CIA agent with an active CAGE code.

Between those five separate points of FBI infiltration/control, you basically have a situation where, apparently, the entire right-wing was effectively being manipulated/controlled by the FBI.


Who could have predicted something like this?

Who indeed.

Frankly, I wasn’t on this nearly as early as I should have been. My trusted sysop weev was more on the ball about this than I was. He called every single one of these. I didn’t have the actual level of cynicism needed to be involved in the right-wing until 2018. Yes, I started giving warnings that now seem early, because literally everything I said about the Alt Right two years ago has been proved out, but I feel as though I really let people down by not being on it quicker. That haunts me personally.

But yeah. Jeez. What an absolute mess.

Two for two, man! Biggest event in history! Two conspiracy charges – two FBI leaders! Now all white people are to blame! The military on the streets!

(All of you people who attacked me and called me names for stating the obvious need not apologize to me, for it is the forgiveness of your brethren that you require.)

Be not ye befuddled: the entirety of organized right-wing activities since the election of Donald Trump have been a massive intelligence operation, and the Capitol Storm was the culmination of it. Now, the Capitol is occupied by soldiers who we are told are there to fight “white supremacy” and “disinformation.” 

They wanted that event to be more violent, just like they wanted Charlottesville to be more violent, but the fact of the matter is that right-wing white people are the single most non-violent group this side of the astral plane.

So, what’s next?

Firstly, any type of legitimate right-wing activism in real life is presumably totally impossible. They have literally rolled out the military. However, there will continue to be right-wing activities, run by the feds. I would guess you’re going to see a lot of this incoherent “Boogaloo” stuff popping back up, probably somehow related to protesting the lockdown or the vaccine. These men will be showing up with guns, with leaders like Thomas Caldwell and Enrique Tarrio.

Remember: this is a group that shows up with AR-15s at political rallies and doesn’t even have a stated belief system. It’s organized on Facebook. People were telling me: “bro, I don’t think they’re feds, bro. Bro bro bro bro bro.”

Basically, these right-wing groups are going to be the reverse Antifa. They will be to Biden what Antifa was to Trump. Obviously, any threat that actually existed could be shut down easily, but as I just explained, not only is there no actual threat, but the illusion of a threat is an FBI operation.

All of the people who have already been exposed as feds are totally burned, but these groups are going to dissolve and then reform with the same background people involved – like the CIA does with the Islamic terrorist groups they run.

Atomwaffen dissolved and reformed with a new name at least three times. I’m sure there is some current version of it still running. That was the group that I really thought was going to be agitated into doing some kind of terrorist thing in order to justify a crackdown. They were really preying on the mentally ill there, recruiting total lunatics and doing animal sacrifices to Satan.

But it turns out, the feds instead engineered an event that doesn’t just target “the far right,” but effectively labels every person who voted for Trump as a “domestic terrorist”, because let’s be real here: that is what the media is saying right now.

Just think of it: US Government intelligence is now saying that “domestic extremism” is akin to Islamic terrorism. When you actually look at it, there are similarities, but the similarities are all organizational, rather than action-oriented (as is being implied), and the reason that these similarities exist is that they are run by intelligence officials using the same playbook as they use in Islamic countries.

These are the two basic goals which exist across both Islamic groups and American right-wing groups in the intelligence sphere:

  1. Prevent the masses of people from uniting under a single flag, keep them fighting amongst themselves, keep drama energy rolling
  2. Provide the Western establishment with a boogieman to justify their own actions

You saw a lot of #1 during the Trump era. Under Biden, you’re going to see a lot of #2.

Let me be clear: there is absolutely no leader and no plan for anything.

However, the good news is that the enemy doesn’t have a clear plan either. As an overview, they want to alter their DNA to make themselves immortal super-humans, and put computer chips in our brains so they can control our thoughts, but that really does strike me as post-hoc rationalization for the behaviors we are witnessing, which appear to be motivated primarily by an ideological superstructure composed of homosexualism, feminism, Satanism, and Judaism.

We are through the looking glass here, and the only thing anyone can do is get up every morning, shave your face, and do what you think is best to do.

We should force them to recognize that they are fighting against the followers of Jesus Christ, not “white supremacy” or “disinformation.”