The Department of Homeland Security is concerned, as are its counterparts throughought the Global Communist Empire.

According to a National Advisory bulletin issued by DHS on January, 27th:

“There exists groups within the US that are ideologically motivated extremists with objections to the exercise of government authority. They are believed to be motivated by a range of issues including anger over lockdown restrictions, election results, police use of force etc.”

In earlier times, extremists were known as “heretics”. Today they are known as “deniers”, “Science deniers”, “virus deniers” and recently more disturbingly, “reality deniers”.

This is the objective of the “new normal” narrative, folks — root out and destroy all “deniers”.

At a press conference Monday, Tampa Mayor, Jane Castor said that maskless fans at the Super Bowl will be “identified” by law enforcement and that police will “handle” the situation.

The narrative goes something like this:

“This new breed of heretics hate us, because they hate reality. They are no longer our political or ideological opponents. They are suffering from a psychiatric disorder. They must not be argued with or listened to; they must be treated. They must be re-educated. They must be deprogrammed until they accept our reality.”

This is our reality. Idiot “healthcare providers”.

If you think I am exaggerating the totalitarian nature of this “new normal” narrative, I would point to you a recent op-ed in The New York Times that explored the concept of appointing a “Reality Czar” to president Biden’s cabinet. A Czar to deal with our reality crisis and this is just the beginning.

You can be fired for refusing to take the vaccine.

The consensus throughout the global Communist empire is that the rooting out of “deniers” or heretics would probably continue for the next 10 to 20 years. 10 to 20 years should provide the global Communist ruling class ample time to carry out “the great reset”, destroy what’s left of human society and condition the public to get used to living like cringing peasants that must ask for permission to leave their homes.

We are still in the initial shock in office which we’ve will have to scale back in a little bit eventually, but consider how much they have already accomplished. The economic damage is incalculable, millions have been plunged into desperate poverty, countless independent businesses crushed, whole industries crushed, developing countries have been rendered economically compliant for the foreseeable future. Yet the billionaires – the billionaires have amassed one trillion dollars in wealth and corporate behemoths consolidated their dominance across the planet.

The damage to society has been even more dramatic. The global Communist empire in the space of one year, has transformed the majority of the entire Earth’s population into an enormous paranoid cult, no longer capable of even rudimentary reasoning.

They are lining up in parking lots double masked, to receive an experimental injection that they believe will save the human species. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the same mindless masses support the “new normal” primary objective and the upcoming globally televised show-trial of Donald Trump and the ongoing corporate censorship.

mRNA-based vaccines are not ‘entirely Utopian’.
In early trials of a RNactive®-based vaccine, indicators for autoimmunity were elevated +20% in the patients after a receiving RNactive®
Another RNactive®-based vaccine elicited, facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy), linked to autoimmunity.
When people hear the words RNA vaccine, the first question that comes to the average person’s mind is, “Will this vaccine permanently alter my DNA?” The second question is, “If the vaccine does alter my DNA, what are the potential long-term health impacts?”

They are eager – eager to be issued a freedom passport; a passport that will allow them to take part in the “new normal” life, double masked and socially distanced, while having their every movement, every transaction, every word they post on social media or in an email or say to someone on their smartphones, recorded by the global Communist intelligence services and their corporate partners and subsidiaries.

The same mindless masses have nothing at all to worry about, because they would never dream of disobeying orders and they couldn’t produce an original thought, much less one displeasing to their masters, if their very existences depended on it.

As for the rest of us, things aren’t looking so good.

I’ll see you guys in quarantine camp, offshore, in a detention facility or maybe in the psych ward.