There was really nothing you could compare the coronavirus hysteria to, because nothing like the coronavirus hysteria has ever happened. It was clearly “mass hysteria” and “collective insanity”, but there aren’t really any good examples of that in history.

They will always give the example of the Salem Witch Trials as “mass hysteria,” but frankly, I tend to side with the puritans (I’ve seen a lot of women running around today who should be rounded up and publicly hanged for their gross behavior, so I don’t have difficulty believing such women were running around then). Giles Corey was clearly a male feminist. (It’s also possible that he and the skanks really were doing satanic rituals, as many feminists and beta males do today).

Furthermore, the Witch Trials were primarily led by a small number of men. Furtherfurthermore, even if the Salem Witch Trials happened exactly as stated, where there was some outbreak of epilepsy or whatever it is they say in the history books, the psychology of it is better applied to the current hunt for “white supremacists.” That is obviously also a mass hysteria of a sort, though it is more akin to a fear of ghosts or spirits or whatever. It’s not a total state of mass delusional panic.

The coronavirus was a literal mass freakout, where people were just going completely nuts, thinking they were going to die of a virus. As the basic evidence continued to pile up that actually, it is really only old people that can die of the virus, and actually, it’s literally the flu, the panic did not wane. The panic was in no way connected to the reality situation. No one was seeing bodies piled up, no one knew anyone who had died from it. It was just a totally unhinged mania. It actually seemed as though every single individual involved in it had literally gone insane – like, not superstitiousness or confusion or sadism, but insanity on par with a raving schizophrenic homeless person.

Obviously, the reason no one had ever seen this before is that it was a product of modernity, primarily of media saturation, and it was proof that the fake reality created by digital media saturation now overwrites the physical reality that people actually experience in three dimensions. There was some element of people panicking and fueling each other’s panic, but it was all manufactured and held together by the media.

Still, no one knew the mechanics of it, because again – no comparisons. People went nuts all at once – over the course of really less than a week there in March – and it was plausible that the fear would disappear as quickly as it appeared. It was conceivable that people would just totally snap out of it and say “wait, what the hell am I doing?”

But no.

What actually seems to be happening is that the panic is slowly wearing off, as it has become boring.

A new Ipos poll published by Axios this week shows that only 66% of people now believe that returning to normal is something which poses “a moderate or large risk.”

According to this poll, however, only 9% believe there is “no risk.”

There’s obviously no way to know if these numbers are real – the society is totally locked down and the internet is totally censored, so there is no real way to know what anyone is thinking about anything.

Furthermore, just like with Donald Trump, people know that you’re supposed to think something about the virus, and that you can get in some form of trouble if you think the wrong thing. So, they are much more likely to lie about believing it.

(There is also the consistent fact that a large percentage of the population is not going to spend 15 minutes talking to one of the Indians they hire to do these polls. They allegedly control for that somehow, but obviously the supposed controls could be used for the reverse if they wanted to.)

Real or not, this “one in ten” thing comes up a lot, actually.

It seems likely to me that approximately 5% of men are capable of free thought.

Then, another maybe 7% are on the lower end of the IQ spectrum, and the media brainwashing just passes over them. If you’ve grown up in the middle class, you might not know that there is such a thing as “poor white people,” and they will say things like “mayne, all that shit them people be sayin’ on TV? It’s a buncha bullshit.” These people are powerless, so it doesn’t really matter what they believe. Their entire lives are filled with “man I got 6 kid by five different women, motherfucker we need jobs out here, ain’t nobody can’t get no work in this fuckin’ town, and I got kids to feed.” (When marriage and work were lifelong affairs, these people might have had time to come out and show support for some common sense cause, but they don’t have that time anymore).

You have a low IQ/high IQ alliance among men. Midwits are the problem. They think they’re smarter than they are.

Then, with the women – some women are influenced by these two types of men, and will go along with whatever they’re saying. Increasingly, women are influenced purely by the media, and have become a serious problem, obviously.

The 66% appear to have really settled in deep.

The poll also questioned people about “disinformation”, because of course, any discussion about anything has to be related to that in some way.

One of the interesting things the poll showed is that a majority of people are waiting for the government to give the green light to return to normalcy, while a majority also believe that the government is making the situation worse. That’s nice, isn’t it? You have a government that no one trusts, yet everyone trusts, because they trust their side. They trust the right or the left wing of this dragon that is flying us all into the mouth of hell.