I don’t particularly care to read or write too much about the impeachment. What is there to say? “Democrat so dumb”? You can read that at Breitbart, right next to the article about how Democrats hate Israel.

Democrats aren’t really actually dumb. They are insane. Primarily, they are evil. They are sadistic monsters. The Breitbart agenda of making AOC the face of the Democrat Machine, then pretending it is just a bunch of really silly, dumb people is wrong. It makes them seem harmless.

Breitbart, which is the face of the non-banned MAGA movement, is utterly inane, consistently portraying our new overlords as dopey and incompetent buffoons.

AOC is not the true face of the party – Chuck Schumer is. It’s not a cute, ditzy Latina face, it’s a grotesque, odious hook-nosed Jəw face.

It’s the same thing with Joe Biden, and mocking him for being senile. The reason it is notable that he is senile is that he is obviously a puppet. The relevant point is not “this guy is a bumbling chucklehead, he can’t run a government!”

Apparently someone wants to read about the impeachment, because it is the top story on every site. I saw this Monday night at the top of the Associated Press website:

Look at that image for a minute. The masks are jarring enough, but notice also: it is very hard to find a white person.

That is our Capitol.

Imagine if George Washington saw this.

He’d think we must have lost a war to some bizarre religious cult from India.

He would not think it was dumb and silly.

He would take this scene very seriously.

Yes, there are stupid people involved in this. Joe Biden is senile. AOC is a ditz, but the harsh reality is that we have been conquered, and we are now being brutally dominated.

After World War II, when Godzilla first attacked Tokyo, the Japs weren’t giggling and haughtily mocking how silly he looked. They were frightened, and intent on defeating him at all costs. He might have looked silly, but he was knocking over buildings and eating trains, killing thousands of people.

This entire baby boomer bit with the giggling is entirely absurd, and it’s disgusting. It was disgusting all through the Trump Era, when these people kept talking about “triggered snowflakes,” and giggling.

The entire conservative movement was defined by giggling.

I have to give it to the QAnon folks – even if a lot of what they were saying was itself silly, they were taking things seriously in that they were discussing the ruling elite as a dark and satanic force that is powered by sadism, not stupidity.

Joe Biden is a silly figure, obviously, but that was the entire point of why he was picked to steal an election from Donald Trump. He seems like he must be harmless.

But every single one of those executive orders he signs is written by some blood-drinking Jəwish psychopath, who wants to see you dead and your children raped.

So, when these people come out on TV, instead of playing the circus clown song in your head, play a song in your head that speaks to the weight of this situation.