Nude model Katie Price’s son is a fat retarded golliwog healthy at any size differently abled person of color.

He got the coronavirus vaccine because he’s in a privileged class. It didn’t go so well.

Daily Mail:

Katie Price has shared a heartwarming note written by her son Harvey thanking NHS staff for giving him the Covid-19 vaccine injection on Friday.

The 18-year-old suffered a reaction after taking the first of his Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs and was rushed to hospital over the weekend with a high temperature but is now back home and well.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, his proud mother Katie shared the note Harvey wrote to doctors and nurses he met.

He wrote: ‘Dear NHS doctors and nurses. I am writing to say well done for looking after Harvey and everybody and doing a good job with my injection on Friday.

‘You are all proud of me. You work hard everyday. We all need a holiday. I will send you more pictures to keep you happy and safe.

”Thank you and well done. Love from Harvey Price.’

It’s heartwarming because there is nothing better for heating up the heart than a ginormous mentally disabled mulatto.

Katie better be careful – you know, the ice caps are already melting.

But I want to point out: this is yet another famous person who got the vaccine and had to be hospitalized. We don’t know how many people this is happening to, because the media is now just pretty much totally fake. Unless a person passes out on live TV, you’re not going to hear about a normal person having a negative reaction.

What’s fascinating, just from an objective standpoint, is that this is the first time the immune system has been artificially activated by synthetic mRNA. This vaccine sends a genetic-encoded message to the body’s cells to start creating a protein that is similar to the coronavirus protein, and then the body reacts by creating antibodies to that protein.

This is the first mRNA vaccine. These are the first people to get sick from genetic manipulation. It’s fascinating, actually, just as a matter of interest, but just like the media isn’t reporting very much on people getting sick, they’re not reporting very much on the nature of the vaccine. Apparently, they think it will scare people, if they understand the concept of “synthetic mRNA.”

Just so you understand, here are some brief details:

Synthetic mRNA has been proven effective in numerous applications beneficial for human health such as immunizing patients against cancer and infections diseases, alleviating diseases by restoring deficient proteins, converting somatic cells to pluripotent stem cells to use in regenerative medicine therapies, and engineering the genome by making specific alterations in DNA.

The “Project Warp Speed” development of the vaccine was actually the development of a delivery mechanism for the synthetic mRNA. Telling the cell to make the protein was easy once the delivery mechanism was created. It is the difference between inventing a typewriter and typing a letter, really.

This delivery mechanism can be used to alter the DNA, which is something that the ruling class has been talking about for decades now. There was some misinformation on the internet saying that the vaccine “changes the DNA,” and according to them, it doesn’t do that, but it is absolutely “genetic engineering.”

It is an amazing feat, certainly, but it is even more amazing that this is not being discussed, really at all. You see Bill Gates talk about the “new possibilities” that the mRNA technology opens up, but they are not running explainers telling you that there is now an easy way to alter human DNA.

Again: remember the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male. Up through the 1970s, the government was purposefully infecting members of the population with syphilis in order to study the effects, while claiming to be giving them free healthcare. I think it is virtually impossible that the government, and these corporations, will not start doing experiments on DNA alterations using this new program of vaccines. It is easy to justify, if you have the elitist mindset, given that it is for the greater good.

They are talking now about how everyone will have an app that tells them when to come in and get their new vaccines, which they are telling you they’re going to give you regularly. You will have an ID number attached to this app in a computer database. They have already trained the media not to report on negative side effects of vaccines, so they absolutely can start doing targeted experiments in DNA alteration on the public.

Be careful out there!