The media and the Democrats are in a difficult position now that they have ultimate and total power over the country. They have to somehow explain what justifies this total power, given that they obviously have no interest in using it to help anyone.

In order to justify their power, they have to constantly be rooting out supposed threats. This is the exact same thing that communists always do in power

Therefore, you have the bizarre narrative around the mostly peaceful protest at the Capitol on 1/6. We all kind of understand that – it wasn’t “staged” in the sense of being a false flag, exactly, but it was staged in the sense that the city and the feds purposefully pulled the cops from the area, which allowed for the very angry mob to enter the Capitol building. (You also have the involvement of the Proud Boys, a group which we now understand is run by a guy who works for the FBI. We know that it was a Proud Boy who led the charge to break out windows of the building, which was one of the only “violent” things that happened during the entire event.)

The media has now framed the entire protest – which I think it is probably fair to call a riot – as an insurrection and an attempt by Donald Trump to seize control of the government in order to finally enact his evil agenda which for four years as president he hadn’t bothered with.

But there needed to be a face on this movement, so they looked around and found a freshman Congresswoman from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is now the officially designated symbol of everything that the Democrats are fighting against.

The crusade now is to get the Republicans on board with agreeing with the Democrats that the Republican Party must be cleansed of anyone who doesn’t more or less agree with the Democrats about everything. The goal there is to create a new line of what is and isn’t socially acceptable, which will then allow the media to move the line again and again, as this constant war against the secret threat continues. You would think that would be obvious to the Republicans, but apparently it isn’t.

Here’s a headline from The Guardian:

The Guardian is sometimes a good place to look at this stuff, given that it is not an American publican, and so it sometimes spells things out in clearer language. Also, while being extremely leftist, it is not quite as Jəwish as American publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post, which leads to more straightforward language.

Richard Wolffe is probably a –

Oh. Okay.

Well, anyway, the article is still written more plainly than anything you’re going to find in the New York Times.

After laying out the horrors of the attempt to overthrow the government in a violent coup, Wolffe writes:

In these few weeks since the mob trashed the Capitol, leading to five deaths, Republican leaders have bathed themselves less in glory than in the sewage of fascism. Given a choice between the conservative Liz Cheney and the fascist Marjorie Taylor Greene, House Republicans have shunned the former and hugged the latter.

It’s Cheney whose position as part of the Republican leadership is under threat, while Greene is only coming under pressure from Democrats – who for some reason find themselves alone in feeling horrified by Greene’s advocacy for the execution of Democrats and white supremacy in general.

Republican leaders now find themselves in a prisoner’s dilemma of their own making. Both Mitch McConnell in the US Senate and Kevin McCarthy in the House of Representatives could escape the worst public punishment if they act together to take back their own party. Instead, they are ratting on each other.

McConnell said in a statement on Monday that Greene posed an existential threat to the party. “Loony lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the Republican party and our country,” he said, while also supporting Cheney’s leadership.

Technically this is McCarthy’s mess to clean up, in the House rather than the Senate. But McCarthy can’t bring himself to say something in public about the QAnon cultist Greene, or what she represents.

Instead he traveled to Florida at the weekend to kiss the ring of the man who really stands at the center of this threat to our democracy: one Donald J Trump, who is supposedly a Greene fan, according to Greene herself.

He spends the last third of the piece saying that the Republicans must reject the “extremism” that Taylor Greene and Donald Trump represents.

At one point, he actually says that QAnon could lead to a Holocaust:

The choice in front of Republicans is whether they support democracy or not; whether they want to live and work in fear of the mob, or not. QAnon may be loony but its goals are to murder elected officials, and its supporters include heavily armed insurrectionists. The 1930s fascists were also unhinged and proved themselves deadly serious about mass murder.

So, this is the whole narrative, wrapped up nice and tidy.

Just to summarize:

  • Joe Biden won the election by a massive margin, proving that America rejects fascism
  • There is a minority of people who still support fascism, and they are well armed
  • These people attacked the Capitol on 1/6, attempting to overthrow the government
  • This is an existential threat to democracy, and if these people are not rooted out, democracy will be destroyed
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene is currently the leader (?) of this organization, and she is working as a puppet of Donald Trump, who is the true secret leader of white supremacy
  • All Republicans must turn against Taylor Greene, in order to prevent a Holocaust
  • Also, anyone who is a part of this secret group of white supremacists and fascists, led by Taylor Greene and her puppet master Trump, must be hunted down, in the name of democracy

What this does is set the stage for an endless crusade against a shifting internal enemy which the Democrats have the goal of rooting out.

That therefore justifies their existence.

You can think of it this way: the only platform that the Democrats had was opposing Donald Trump. Well, now Donald Trump is gone. So, they must now set up all of these proxy representatives of Trump, and target them with the hatred with which they targeted Trump, in order to explain why they are running the government, and why we have all of these problems while they are running the government.

One thing they are definitely not going to do is fix any problem. As I’ve said, the $15 minimum wage thing is retarded, but it’s something that Joe Biden did promise. Yet, he’s not going to do that. He’s also not going to give you $2,000, and you might not even get the $1,400. He’s not going to get you a job, he’s not going to improve your infrastructure, he’s not going to get you good healthcare, he’s not going to end these wars.

So it’s easy to ask: what is the purpose of this government? 

Well, now you know: the purpose of this government is to hunt down white people.

This is of course the exact same program that the Bolsheviks did. They didn’t have the ability to actually improve life for the peasants, so instead, they waged an endless war against supposed internal enemies. The enemies were obviously powerless, because the communist party had total power over Russia, just like the Democrats have total power over America, but the idea was that if anyone disagreed with the ruling establishment, they were a threat to the people, as if through a metaphysical or psychic power.

Then, along with this hunt for the secret fiends, you also have the endless struggle with the eternal virus, which is also blamed on Trump, and is also an excuse for why everyone’s life is horrible.

Thirdly, they are introducing a Chinese threat, which is basically just going to replace the Russian threat in the previous narrative.

It’s a trifecta of explanations for why these people have complete control over everything, and yet are totally unable to deal with the most basic problems people are facing in their day-to-day lives. All of that then is against the backdrop of the over-arching global agenda, which involves changing the weather.

What Does It All Mean?

The obvious question here is: how should we, the American people, respond to all of this?

Well, we’re still working on that. I honestly don’t know. As the reader is aware, my agenda is to push for states to start seceding. I think that is doable. However, I don’t have the ability to push that kind of agenda, so I am basically just waiting around for someone else to do it.

On the day to day, however, I would say that we should always support whoever is targeted by these people, but MTG strikes me as another Pied Piper type.

More importantly than that, however, we need to attack the Republicans and conservatives who are responsible for this problem in the first place.

We need to remember that the Democrats are evil, but they’ve never been popular, and the only way they were able to get this power was through the betrayals of our own party. Those people should be attacked a lot more than the Democrats, in my opinion. We need to get these traitors out of the way, so that we can begin to organize some kind of real movement to protect white people.

The reason we don’t currently have a secession movement is that there is no movement that supports white people. Secession is the most obvious response to what is going on. Instead, the Republican politicians and conservative media outlets are largely celebrating a total surrender to the Democrats.

I have said this for years: I can sit and listen to Sean Hannity, and probably agree with most of what he’s saying, but all he ever does is talk about the bad things the Democrats are doing and none of his viewers support the Democrats. Yet, if you watched his show, you would think it was designed to convert people from being Democrats. These people who do nothing but attack the Democrats are totally worthless, and we need people who are willing to focus on the real threat, which is the traitors who are supposed to be defending us and have abdicated that duty.

Furthermore, anyone who is talking about voting in 2022 or 2024 is a total shill and a waste of time. We know that the voting system is rigged and it’s fake, and we need to stop voting, completely, because the system does not work!