There’s nothing “gay” about it, okay? They’re called “women” and “faggots.”

It’s too bad Recep Erdogan is an anti-white hate figure, because otherwise, I generally agree with his policies.

Even though he is anti-white, I still admire him as a great man, due to his competence, but, given his agenda to turn Europe Islamic, I can’t really view him as a hero.

That said, I’m loving his anti-anal crackdown.

The Guardian has framed the situation thusly:

However, while the people who are rising up are typically young, it certainly isn’t all young people that oppose him.

It is actually only two groups:

  1. Homosexuals
  2. Women

It’s a kind of vagino-anal alliance.

Furthermore, this is obviously taking place against the backdrop of the CIA and US State Department kicking off revolutionary women’s empowerment and anal pride movements across the third world. Without that context, it’s difficult to get any clear understanding about what is happening.

The Western intelligence services have used the internet, primarily the big social media companies, to create cultures of pro-women, pro-homosexual, anti-male, anti-authority revolutionary groups in every third world country. This is a process that has been taking place over the last decade, when cheap cellphones enabled the third world to become snared by the world wide web. It is only now that all these groups are being triggered, across the planet, as part of the globalist elite plan to wipe out the cultures of these countries and bring them in to a one world system.

SBS News:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday blasted the LGBTQI+ movement as incompatible with the country’s values and compared student protesters to “terrorists”, as a month of youth-driven rallies shook his rule.

More than 300 students and their supporters were detained in Istanbul and the capital Ankara in increasingly violent and politically-charged altercations with the police this week.

The protests first erupted after Mr Erdogan named party loyalist Melih Bulu as the head of Istanbul’s elite Bogazici University at the start of the year.

The appointment created a stir because students saw it as part of Mr Erdogan’s broader effort to centralise control over most facets of Turks’ daily lives.

Mr Erdogan lashed out on Wednesday in one of his most heated attacks to date against a movement that threatens to grow into a serious challenge to his 18 years in power.

“Are you students or terrorists who dare to raid the room of the rector?” Mr Erdogan demanded in a televised video linkup with his party faithful.

“This country will not be a place where terrorists prevail. We will never allow this.”

The dispute over the rector intensified after protesters hung a poster near his office depicting Islam’s holiest site covered in LGBTQI+ imagery last week.

Mr Erdogan on Monday distanced his party’s supporters from what he dubbed the protest movement’s “LGBT youth”.

He redoubled those attacks on Wednesday.

“The LGBT, there is no such thing,” he said dismissively. “This country is … moral, and it will walk to the future with these values.”

The comments appeared to undermine Mr Erdogan’s efforts to build up a rapport with the new and potentially hostile US administration of President Joe Biden.

The US State Department swiftly condemned Mr Erdogan’s “rhetoric” as unacceptable.

“We are concerned by detentions of students and other demonstrators and strongly condemn the anti LGBTQIA rhetoric surrounding the demonstrations,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

During the build-up to the second Iraq War, Dick Cheney would plant stories in the New York Times making some false claim about Iraq, and then come out and hold up the front page of the New York Times when demanding we start the war. That is basically the global strategy that the US has for these democracy riots across the planet – they fed these groups, then they used their networks to trigger them into rising up – then they come out and condemn any pushback that the uprisings get as pure evil.

There is currently a feminist and/or gay uprising in:

  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Puerto Rico
  • Poland
  • Thailand

I’m sure there are some I forgot.

The first one of this cycle of uprisings was of course in Hong Kong, but because the Chinese are the only competent government left on the planet that isn’t a part of the American Alliance of Anal Assault, that is over now.

The Hong Kong model is being used across the world, however. This model is not dissimilar to the Ukrainian model, but the Ukrainian model was not as extreme, given that 35-40% of the Ukrainian population hates Russians, and has been trying to side with Europe for decades.

The Hong Kong model is a model based on total nonsense, where you incite young people to rise up without any clear explanation. Usually, they will demand more privileges for women and homosexuals as a pretext to commit violence, but in Thailand they’re just demanding the King be overthrown, without explaining why and as I have pointed out, in Puerto Rico where they’re experiencing a vaginal revolt, they’re saying they want to stop women from being murdered, even though the country has the lowest female-to-male murder rate in the world.

Using this social media, the intelligence services are able to organize specific revolutions, based on the sentiment of the population. It’s really a shocking thing to witness, and it is even more shocking that no one seems to be noticing. It’s not a secret that the US State Department, George Soros and others fund all of these “institutes for democracy” across the world. The US State Department even instructed Russian rioters to organize – publicly!

Look at this picture from an anal event in Turkey.

Freeze it.


That symbol is only ever learned on the internet.

It has basically become the calling card of the CIA.

I don’t understand why these countries aren’t getting together and collectively demanding that Western intelligence stop engineering uprisings in their countries. Frankly, they should have banned these social media companies from operating as soon as that started. Just for the sake of their economies, it doesn’t make sense to allow foreigners to take over such a huge portion of the business of the country without being regulated, but in terms of society, this is not much different than allowing 100% of the media companies to be bought up by the CIA.

To ban these companies now would of course cause a backlash among all the people, because everyone has gotten used to using them but I don’t know what the options are, and it isn’t ever going to get any easier.