Many people believe 5G is terrible and spells “doom and disaster for mankind”. If that was not enough, they even go as far as to suggest that the USA recently passed the 5G bill “on the sly” or “undercover”, as I saw one post stated. Undercover? This information about 5G deployment has been available to the public since 2018, with a countdown date attached. Just because most people are generally dumb idiots who get their info through one or two sources (particularly conspiracy theorists and American leftist media outlets), does not mean that the rest of the world is as dumb and uninformed as they are. Thankfully, the world does not work in this manner. 5G-tards are truly an unintelligent bunch who commit all manner of low IQ errors and exhibit behaviors concomitant with an IQ score of 85. They wear the description of retarded very well with their gas-lighting, click-baiting and attention seeking.

So, what of 5G and the claims surrounding it? Well, for starters, most people do not understand the technology and how it works. Saying people do not read is like simply acknowledging that pigs do not fly, because there is no consensus on any of the “concerns” surrounding 5G — no studies have been done — to conclude that it is a health risk, but many are convinced that there is, because as mentioned, they do not read and they are generally stupid people.

They merely rely on empty, baseless, libtard, treehugger propaganda and hysteria to feed their conclusions on 5G. Their entire approach and perspective relies on a presupposition that is mythical. Simply put, learning and knowing how the technology works is very important; only then will all this technophobia end.


Neither can 5G, because of the technology. Why? Simply because cellphones and 5G are non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation as in the case of ultraviolet radiation will hurt at the cellular levels. This isn’t the case with non-ionizing radiation. This can be better understood through understanding the electrical magnetic spectrum.

The bottom-end energy of the spectrum is red — infrared (which you can’t see), such as microwaves, and radio waves — but they’re all the same stuff. Higher energy is “blue light”, moving up through violet and into ultraviolet (which you cannot see). Beyond that are X-rays and Gamma rays. Anything higher in energy than violet and ultraviolet (aka “Ionizing radiation”) can cause harm at the cellular level — the more energy, the more it hurts.

Waves lower than ionizing radiation, (non-ionizing radiation) simply makes you warm. Again, as in the case of a microwave. Of course, if you were microwaved long enough you would die from being too hot—just like staying too long in front of an oven or any heat source can harm you — but you would not die of cancer or cellular damage as you would with ionizing radiation.

That being the case, this science has been long understood for generations and have propelled us into the future in so many ways, as long as there were safety devices to prevent humans from overheating such as, gloves, kitchen mittens, pot holders etc.

(I think it would be kind of neat to have a microwave central heating system in one’s home. It would just keep everyone at 98.6°F, so we’d feel warm and cozy no matter what the weather was outside).

The same goes for cellphones, wireless routers and 4G towers — the closer we get to them, the warmer our bodies become. A similar example would be, the longer you sit with a laptop, your laptop heats up. These devices will not give you cancer, or brain tumors. I am indeed sorry to disappoint you, but you should not expect a cancerous symbiote to grow out of your neck from extensive cell phone usage anytime soon. Not even 5G will do this.

All kinds of people who freak out about radiation most likely do not even know what radiation is, and as for the “research” journals and articles that have infested the internet, most, if not all, do not have anything to show that 5G “causes harm” and, thus, fail in explaining why the radiation would be harmful. Then some people who are too dumb to process information, read these articles and journals without even recognizing the presuppositions that are inherent, and conclude that there must be a consensus on the research and data. They then tout and spread this misinformation. This is the main problem around the 5G phobia.

As mentioned before, there have been no tests on 5G, and these “experts” are relying on a presupposition that has not been and cannot be determined. The presupposition is, “radio waves/microwave radiation causes cancer”. (The new nonsense circulating these days is that 5G causes Covid 19). These studies are predicated on inductive or, at least, poor deductive reasoning. This was the case with 4g, 3g, 2g, 1g, electricity in the home, microwaves in the home etc. There are always going to be morons who are hellbent on making conjecture with nothing to support it.

What keeps microwave radiation from leaking out the oven door?

Those who genuinely approach the subject in attempts to learn what the consensus truly is on the topic, do not understand the tech and the basic physics around it and end up committing the same flaws as the “experts”, with their racism against the human race nonsense — that humans are unnatural to the order of things and do not belong — used tirelessly and without one shred of evidence. This is another cancerous presupposition that comes right out of the same playbook of the climate change idiots. The 5G conspiracy theorists use the same leftist, Libtard sponsored studies that make only claims and possess no hard data, in order to gin up support for their technophobia.

Frankly, this is all it amounts to — technophobia — and is the main reason why people needed to invent bizarre exceptions to the widely observed safety of RF which has been in common use for several generations. For example, the idea that a the “square-ish” pulses of a digital transmission, somehow damages cells more than running a 500 kW FM signal, 24/7 for 5 years straight would. 

The Big One: Cincinnati’s Legendary WLW

In this example, the waves were powerful enough that farmers could hear the broadcast emanating from their barbed wired fences and lights in nearby homes would continue to glow after being turned off!

Every time anyone has investigated some theory that amounted to an exception in the complete and total safety of RF broadcasts below the visible spectrum frequencies (known as “radio”), no one was been able to come up with any evidence that the theory was credible — or if someone claimed to find such evidence, nobody was able to reproduce it.

There are only two ways radio wavs can cause harm:

  1. Heating you up – which requires a TON of power.

2. Inducing a current into something that zaps you, which requires a TON of power.

Even the WLW broadcasts at 500 kW had no effect on people, so too would your WiFi that has peak power output of ~100 mW (and that’s at the antenna – power falls off due to the inverse square law as you move away). It’s not going to hurt you — even if you make the wave forms into little stabby knife shapes or pentagrams or something similar to sinusoidal waves. Shifting the frequency will also have zero effect or danger.

People who simply say, “radiation is dangerous” do not understand the physics of it. One bit I did learn, admittedly, is that radio waves are photons, nothing more. This should force anyone to posit the question: “what kind of radiation is used in cancer treatment?”

I have heard all kinds of people freaking out about RF (specifically extremely low power RF) and claiming it to be so harmful, but so far, I have yet to see it substantiated.

Every time I’ve been forwarded specifics and “studies”, they turned out to just be word salad, hand-wringing, demanding “more funding for further study”, or attempts at moral-fagging the government to step in and use force. To me, it seems to be some kind of “homeopathic non-ionizing radiation” idea, where, somehow, the weaker the radiation is, the more it hurts you! conspiracy. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what they are peddling.

5G is now touted to be “the worst thing since 4G!” In spite of the fact that most frequencies of RF at typical power levels can’t even penetrate the skin, they still maintain this hocus pocus and I suspect they will for a long time to come.

In conclusion, the funniest thing I have found about this “5G/Radiation bad” bit is, it turns out that we humans evolved in an environment bathed in radiation and developed skins with varying shades that shield from the bulk of it.