Due to limits imposed by culture and biology, the media is going to have a hard time provoking a full on anal uprising in Japan.

However, they are using other methods to attempt to transform the culture and put women in control.


The boss of the Tokyo 2020 Games risked sparking a sexism row after it was reported on Wednesday he said women made meetings drag on because they “have difficulty” speaking concisely.

Yoshiro Mori, an 83-year-old former prime minister known for public gaffes, told members of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) that “board of directors meetings with many women take a lot of time”, according to the Asahi Shimbun daily.

“When you increase the number of female executive members, if their speaking time isn’t restricted to a certain extent, they have difficulty finishing, which is annoying,” he said, as some members of the council reportedly laughed.

While ranking highly on a range of international indicators, Japan persistently trails on promoting gender equality, ranking 121 out of 153 nations surveyed in the 2020 global gender gap report of the World Economic Forum.

The bottom of the feminism chart, the top of the IQ chart. Go figure!

Imagine that.

Furthermore: Japan is a totally developed and modern country, proving that the dissolution of traditional values is not necessarily incompatible with modernity.

The JOC itself decided last year to aim for more than 40 percent of female members at the board, but as of November, there are just five women among the board’s 24 members.

“We have about seven women at the organising committee but everyone understands their place,” Mori added at the Wednesday meeting, which was open to the media, the Asahi said.

Yeah, that’s really the bottom line: women in Japan understand their place.

Probably because Asian women are smarter than white women, they understand that they have certain abilities as women that would be sacrificed if they were to go full “empowerment” uprising.

Asians just also tend to be more docile than other races. Further, they have a culture that doesn’t portray women in radical ways.

What’s more, they also just don’t seem to be able to process political correctness, due to the fact that Asians all have some sort of autism-like condition, which makes it difficult for them to understand subtle abstractions. Machine-learning related, I think.

When Japan was told they needed to do more for women in the workplace, one company came up with the idea of having women wear badges when they were on their periods, so that people would be nicer to them. This actually seems like a really sweet idea, which probably actually would help women, but that was shut down by white feminists.

Despite the fact that they appear to be a much more stable society than the rest of the societies on earth, Japan shouldn’t count on the current status quo remaining indefinitely. There are Jəws and women (the original Jəws) in a room somewhere, trying to figure out a way to turn the whole place into a vagino-anal hellscape.