You’d think that Florida Man would have learned by now that the police are no friends of Florida Man.

NY Daily News:

A Florida man with a tattoo of the state on his forehead was arrested early Sunday morning after twice calling 911 for a ride home, police said.

Matthew Leatham, 22, placed the first call around 4:20 a.m. in the northwest Tampa suburb of Port Richey, according to a criminal complaint.

A cop offered to call Leatham a taxi, but he declined because had no money, police said. Then, cops say, he wandered down the road and once again tried to use 911 as a free taxi service.

The officer then arrested Leatham, searched him and found a small amount of marijuana, the complaint said.

The question I have is: why can’t you just call the cops and have them drive you around?

These people are paid by taxpayer money. We used to pay them to protect us from violent blacks, but now, due to certain political events, they’re no longer allowed to protect us from violent blacks.

So, I think they should really be transformed into a kind of public Uber, where you can call them up for a free ride somewhere.

Otherwise, they’re all just going to get fired anyway. Right now, with them refusing to protect people from violent black animals, their job is pretty much pointless. No one is going to defend them when the state comes to cut the budget, but if they transferred into public taxi services, they’d have a lot of people using their services, and a lot of people ready to defend them from getting cut out of the budget.

Just saying.