I cannot stress enough how much women do not belong in public life. They are unnatural to the order of things and are just annoyances. Anyone who says otherwise simply has not tasked himself with thinking and observing and cannot put himself in a position to look objectively at women — outside of his sexual need and desires for them.

Women are not just out of control, doing all of this stuff that benefits them, and only them. They are also fundamentally stupid, and they do not have any basic idea of what is going on around them, and assume that anything that happens in their environment is focused on them.

Can you imagine: a man is lying on the ground, and when you go to do your job as an EMT to help him, he starts flailing his arms around, and your assumption is that he’s trying to get sexual with you?

NY Daily News:

Surveillance video proves a man accused of molesting an FDNY emergency medical technician at the scene of a Bronx fire was actually having a seizure, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said Wednesday.

Clark said her office has now dismissed all charges against Aaron Cervantes-Mejia, 52.

“I will not tolerate assaults on first responders, who courageously serve our city, especially during this pandemic; and I will not prosecute anyone unless there is evidence to support charges,“ Clark said.

Police originally arrested Cervantes-Mejia on a felony assault charge for faking the medical episode, then groping the 32-year-old EMT when she rushed to his aid.

Video from a nearby store blew a hole in those allegations, according to Clark.

“He [Cervantes-Mejia] was the subject of a false narrative that spread quickly through the media and social media,” the Bronx DA said.

Cervantes-Mejia was walking to work Jan. 28 when he stumbled and fell in the crosswalk at Commonwealth and Westchester Aves. in Soundview, prosecutors said.

The store video shows a passerby waving over the EMT — who was responding to a three-alarm blaze — and Cervantes-Mejia grabbing her clothing.

The man was flailing his arms around “in what appears to be the throes of a seizure,” the DA’s office said.

“The EMT moved his hand away without any assistance while covered in protective gear from head to toe. Mr. Cervantes-Mejia did not appear to have control of his hands,” said Clark.

That description is at odds with what EMS Chief Lillian Bonsignore claimed the day of the alleged assault.

“As she approached, she was assaulted, inappropriately grabbed and held … It required the help of one of our co-workers to try to help her break out of the situation,” Bonsignore told the Daily News at the time.

When asked for comment Wednesday, an FDNY spokesperson said in an email, “Nothing further to add.”

This was all over social media – the old Puerto Rican man who faked having a medical emergency so he could grab a woman’s tits.

But the video is clear – the man is flailing around.

Probably, the woman wasn’t faking thinking it was a sexual assault.

Just like black people watch TV and actually think that every cop they come into contact with is trying to kill them, women watch TV and think that every man is trying to rape them.

I’m sure the EMS chief, who is also a woman, thought it was all real as well.

All of these supposed victim groups have been trained through trauma to live in constant fear of threats that do not actually exist. For women, this constant fear of being raped is part of their psycho-sexual evolutionary make-up — being bereft of the choice of who they grant their sexuality to. The act of having to be penetrated affects the female’s brain by putting her into a constant, nonstop belief of victimhood — she must always be acted on and put upon. This is why they think themselves to be incapable of rape and just about any form of wrongdoing. The irony in this is, most women have rape fantasies.

Yet, what Jəws through their movies and media have done is, hijack these primitive functions of the female psyche and pushed it into overdrive. With the constant bombardment of impending doom, they teach women that all men are rapists (particularly white men) and boys are potential rapists. Women fall for this propaganda, because once again, they are primitive and stupid and are not inclined to processing information.

As it pertains to the aforementioned incident, at the time it was first reported, the president of the EMS unit – who is a Jəw – said it was “basically rape”:

“On Tuesday a cop was shot, today an EMT sexually assaulted, basically raped while on duty,” said Oren Barzilay, the president of the EMS union, Local 2507. “Our EMT will need all the help and support we can get her and recovery time afforded to her until she fully recovers as this is a traumatic life event.”

“At what point will our city leaders take action with protecting EMS and city workers?” Barzilay added.

Probably, that Jĕw should have known better.

I don’t know why people working in EMS wouldn’t recognize signs of a seizure, as it’s a pretty common medical problem.

This highlights a more serious issue with women in the workplace: they will let their victimhood override, dominate and supercede the interactions within their professions.

To expound on the point of women being abnormal to public life, something similar, yet still different occurs with women police officers. Two or more male police officers are required to back up one female officer, always because she’s not fit for the job. A waste of taxpayer’s monies and a displacement of male competency. She will not voluntarily approach danger the way a male officer would, because she’s not biologically equipped for it. If she does, it will be over the top and an attempt to over compensate for her sexual dimorphic inadequacies, all to be like a man or one-up a man. On the other extreme, being too nice which will result in disaster.

This is no joke: women destroy Everything!

The purposes of institutions become compromised and cease to fulfill those purposes when women get involved.