I’m not going to say that GME is over, because then people will blame me for saying it’s over.

I’m also not going to say “hold” or “sell,” because I don’t give financial advice and honestly, I don’t know anything about the stock market, other than that it’s a Jewish casino setup to fleece goyim, as well as a way to explain why the masses of people are living near poverty when most of everything anyone wants is produced by robots in China. I learned a lot about the stock market, just following this whole situation, like everyone did. (Thank you to the NEET, boomer and Asian American communities for that, by the way.)

So, I don’t have much to say.

However, I will say this: I hope that if it is over, it’s the people, and not the Jews, getting the money.

The GME price went down swiftly this morning, then two hours after the market opened, it started going back up. I would be surprised if it went on forever, and didn’t end sometime this week.

I think it’s likely that Ryan Cohen, who was the largest shareholder of the stock, has already made a backroom deal with his tribal cousin, Dan Cohen, who is one of the main owners of the shorts. Presumably, the younger Cohen (that would be Ryan) could have been called to a rabbinical council over the weekend, and told he had to do this.

Any Jew who has real money will always listen to the rabbis, because if they don’t, they lose their support network, which, as I’ve explained, is at the core of Jewish power. During the Harvey Weinstein saga, I speculated that Harvey must have gotten a big head, what with all the women around him, and bucked the rabbis. It’s really the only explanation for the way the Jəws tore him apart.

The media is saying he isn’t selling yet. There are a lot of things he could do to get involved without making it obvious, however.

After the RobinHood thing, it is amazing that it held as long as it did. If it dies this week, it still will have been a huge win.

Imagine if you were among the Merry Men, going into battle against King John’s men with Robin Hood, and all of the sudden, Robbin turns around and starts firing arrows at his own Merry Men. Then imagine Friar Tuck knocks him over the head and says, “the Sheriff of Nottingham must have gotten to him” and pushes forward with the battle.

Well, reddit is Friar Tuck.

Lots of people say the “if you would have told me last year that [X thing that is happening now] would be happening, I would have thought you were crazy.” My number one response is always: “yeah but I told you this was going to happen.”

However, reddit becoming the Friar Tuck of 2021 is something I never would have personally believed.

(Note: However, I’ve got a new conspiracy theory now: This is all a conspiracy against Gaben.)

Good Job, Kid

This was a good ride. Everyone did a good job. (Not saying it’s over – Elon can probably kick it back up for a minute – but it is going to be soon either way.)

Of course, the Jews are going to spin this out into something, but that’s true of everything. The fact of reality is that a lot of Jews got really angry and lost a lot of money and it was really funny.

They can spin it, but everyone got a glimpse into just how dirty and rotten this system is. This forced the media Jews into openly defend the worst people on earth as good people and the guardians of the system.

Jimmy Kimmel went out there on Monday and said that Russian anime characters who masturbate to pictures of Nazism were just trying to hassle these noble hedge funds.

Watching these Jews freak out made me happy.

I think a lot of people who are sort of up on things, but not totally, woke up to a couple things here. They tried to politicize this, but the fact of reality is that you had Ted Cruz and Sandy Cortez agreeing with reddit. These people trying to explain that there is a system here is absurd. They kept talking about how the stock price didn’t reflect its value and that means it’s some kind of a scam – well, then what is going on with Tesla? This is all a joke, and the stock market is nothing but a bubble to dump money into – just like real estate.

They have to have this complex system because logically, it just doesn’t make sense that the more technologically advanced society gets, the wider the income gap gets.

We should think back to what was going on in 2011, when Occupy Wall Street happened. The media began a seemingly endless campaign to drum up a racism hoax, so that less than a decade later, instead of protesting rich people, people were rioting against a cop who had the unfortunate mission of arresting a drug addled career criminal named George Floyd.

They’ve also managed to normalize the idea that it is possible for peasants living in trailers, basements, and shitty apartments to oppress billionaires. Likewise, the are now attempting to convince dumb, greedy boomers that Nazis, White supremacists, Russia and China are coming after their hedge funds.

Just look at the narrative.

It’s a “fever dream” that billionaires exercise power in society, and if you believe it, it’s because you’re evil. That’s what we’re dealing with.

If we’d have continued on in the direction that the left was going in 2011, things would be very different now. Just think about the coronavirus: no one is asking “who is profiting from this?” Effectively, the entire question of the relationship between money and power has been replaced with questions about an invisible racist conspiracy.

So, that is the most important takeaway here, really: banking is the center of Jəwish power, just like it was hundreds of years ago. Everything else is largely a distractionary tactic.