I am starting to believe that anything printed in the media can simply be invented out of nothing, and this is eventually going to change the way I write this site.

However, I can believe that someone who thinks the vaccine is dangerous also believes the earth is flat.

This is what has happened to our society:

  • Virtually everything we are told is a lie (the right wing media is more truthful, obviously, but it is also filled with lies) and controlled by Jəws
  • Sometimes, people figure out that they’re being lied to, on a massive scale
  • They start to question everything
  • Their minds become open to anything
  • They take on false beliefs that are made to seem plausible

Both conservatives and liberals have been convinced to believe things that have no relationship with their stated goals – libertarianism and global warming, respectively, are examples that I’ve noted – because beliefs can be packaged together.

But if you find out the media is lying on both sides, there is no package of beliefs to buy into. You are just out there on your own, trying to figure things out. I’ve tried myself to put through the facts on all the issues. A lot of people still want to hang on to something from the media – some readers claim that I just don’t understand how much of a threat China is, for example.

You’d be shocked how many people will say “I agree with you on 80%” and then come at me with something crazy.

Daily Beast:

The Wisconsin pharmacist who intentionally sabotaged hundreds of doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine because he thought COVID-19 was a hoax, also believes the earth is flat and the sky is actually a “shield put up by the Government to prevent individuals from seeing God.”

That’s according to a newly-unsealed FBI search warrant application obtained by The Daily Beast, which the bureau filed earlier this month requesting permission to analyze an iPhone, a laptop, and a thumb drive seized from Steven Brandenburg when he was arrested in late December.

Federal authorities accused Brandenburg, 46, of purposely destroying 570 doses of the vaccine by twice removing a box containing the vials from a refrigerator at Advocate Aurora Health Systems in Grafton, WI, where he worked the night shift. Brandenburg knew this could spoil the vaccine, which can only survive for up to 12 hours outside of refrigeration, said prosecutors.

The warrant application, filed in federal court by FBI Special Agent Lindsay Schloemer, reveals that Brandenburg’s delusions went far beyond doubting the reality of the coronavirus. Not only did Brandenburg insist the “microchipped” vaccine would “turn off people’s birth control and make others infertile,” he was convinced that the physical world around him was not what it seemed, a coworker told investigators.

“Some of the conspiracy theories Brandenburg told [the coworker] about included: the earth is flat; the sky is not real, rather it is a shield put up by the Government to prevent individuals from seeing God; and Judgment Day is coming,” the 26-page filing says.

The coworker, identified in the document as pharmacy technician Sarah Sticker, told authorities that Brandenburg carried a .45-caliber handgun to work, which he said he needed “in case the military came to take him away.” Cops seized several firearms from Brandenburg’s home on New Year’s Eve.

You see, this is the way this gun stuff works – no American is actually going to shoot at cops.

That’s why, when they were taking everything else away, they let you keep your guns. Eventually, they will take away your guns. But that was the thing they were least concerned about. They’ve worked around the Second Amendment, just like they worked around the First Amendment.

There is an arsenal in the hands of the American people, but here we are with a stolen election, no freedom of speech, and a militarized vaccine agenda. Obviously, the Second Amendment is important, but making it the center of everything, and saying “you can do anything you want to me as long as you don’t take away my guns” was a really bad move.

Sticker, who is reportedly the one that discovered the vaccines Brandenburg removed from the refrigerator on Dec. 24 and Dec. 25, told investigators that Brandenburg tried to “guilt trip” her after learning she turned him in.

“If I lose this job, I lose my kids,” Brandenburg allegedly told Sticker, who said she feared Brandenburg was becoming “desperate” or “unhinged.”

Of course it was a woman who tattled. Women are the number one tattletales, with the number two tattletales being men who act like women.

Everyone in America, who isn’t a member of the ruling elite, is “desperate.” Eventually, more and more are going to start becoming “unhinged.”

Every person on earth has a breaking point. Clearly, the goal of this new order that has emerged around us is to drive people over the edge. There is no other reason the government and media would be doing what they are doing.

I think it’s fair to say that destroying the vaccines was an unhinged act – but who unhinged this desperate man? People do not unhinge themselves. No one wants to be unhinged.

Sticker, who was unable to be reached for comment, also told investigators she saw Brandenburg researching the vaccine on his work computer, looking to see if there was a mechanism on the boxes that tracked the vials’ temperature.

When interviewed by law enforcement, Brandenburg at first tried to explain away what he did as a simple mistake. He said that his attempt to render the vaccine doses ineffective was “a spontaneous act,” and that he “wasn’t thinking straight due to what was going on in his life.”

“Investigators asked how this could be a spontaneous act when Brandenburg did it two days in a row,” says the warrant application. “Brandenburg did not have an answer.”

In a subsequent interview, followed by an email included in the warrant application, Brandenburg confessed that he in fact did spoil the vaccines because he thought they would “alter the recipient’s DNA.” He further explained that he was in the midst of a “very contentious divorce” and wasn’t sleeping properly.

“My actions were inexcusable and I deeply apologize for the harm I have caused,” Brandenburg wrote.

Remember folks: you never gain a single thing by talking to the police.

This man easily could have gotten off on these charges. There was no proof it wasn’t an accident.

Believing you are going to gain something by talking to the police without a lawyer is a whole helluva lot more unhinged than believing the earth is flat.

Remember: they’re going to tell you they’re your friend. They’re going to tell you they’re just trying to help you. They’re even going to tell you, falsely, that it will help your case if you talk to them without a lawyer.

Don’t do it.

Do not.