Surely, someone must see the headline, and think “huh, I wonder what the relationship between Jews and feminism is?”

But apparently, no one does think that.

Really, we’ve got to get it out of our heads that anyone who is not already thinking something is ever going to think anything.

Washington Post:

Saudi Arabia has been sharply criticized over the decades for school textbooks that preach women’s subservience to men, anti-Semitism and a general enmity toward religions other than Islam. But those textbooks have been slowly scrubbed of much of this objectionable content, with particularly significant revisions made in the fall.

Gone is a section on sodomy that was supportive of capital punishment for homosexual relations. Gone are most adulations of extremist martyrdom and its characterization as the highest aspiration of Islam. Anti-Semitic references and calls to “fight Jews” are now far fewer, with the latest edition of a 10th-grade textbook having removed a passage quoting the prophet Muhammad as saying, “The [Day of Judgement] will not come until Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims will kill them [all].”

The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se), an Israel-based group that monitors school curriculums, welcomed the changes. The group’s chief executive, Marcus Sheff, called them “quite astonishing.”

Astonishing, the Jew said.

Then he demanded more.

But some concerns about anti-Semitic themes remain. One textbook still includes a story about a Jewish boy who is saved from hell by being converted to Islam.

Another passage refers to a Koranic text that describes God changing a group of Jews into “real monkeys.” A review by IMPACT-se in December said the Saudi textbook ruled out “other, gentler interpretations” of the episode that treat the passage metaphorically.

“Some of the most demonizing passages about Christians, about Jews and about Shiite Muslims have in some places been removed or toned down,” said David Weinberg, Washington director for international affairs at the Anti-Defamation League. Particularly of note, said Weinberg, is that the books no longer endorse the death penalty for men having sex with men and for apostasy, sorcery and adultery.

So now, in Saudi Arabia, you have sorcerers denying their religion and then masturbating into another man’s anus – all while speaking very kindly of Jəws, and respecting the autonomy of women.

By the way, let me go ahead and dispel the myth that a man can “have sex” with another man. This is a false claim. Sex is a reproductive act.

This is from the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English, 1919:

It’s a biological fact: no baby was ever produced in a man’s anus, therefore sticking your penis into it is a masturbatory action. Masturbating with your hand is an act of self-defilement. Masturbating with another man’s anus is beyond the pale.

But yeah – you’re watching what I’ve told you every time that you’re watching: the third world is being sucked into the black hole of feminism.

Because feminism always comes first, then you bring in man-on-man anal and love for everyone’s great enemy, the Jəws.

White people were the ones that had to be cajoled into accepting these things. Now that whites are completely broken, they’re getting brown people hooked on degeneracy as we prepare for a one world global order.

The most frustrating thing is that it’s so obvious.

The flu, global warming, etc.

But again – most people are not consciously capable of questioning the things around them. It’s just biology. Only a small percentage of the population is capable of independent thought. The number is probably lower in the West than in the East, because a lot of peasants with aptitude went into the priesthood in the West, whereas in Russia, priests were allowed to be married. In addition, stupid people outnumber smart people. It’s just the way it is.

Perhaps, the reader’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather was what you might call a “party priest.”

But anyway, the point is: Saudi Arabia is letting women take over, just like Mexico, Thailand and Belarus.

There is a basic math equation, that is always true:

It works every time.