The Washington Post has released footage of the supposed Washington, DC pipe bomber who allegedly put pipe bombs outside on the ground outside of both the Democrat and Republican headquarters the night of January 5. This was in the hours before Donald Trump started that riot on January 6.

He went out between 7:30 and 8:30 PM, and put the bombs on a one hour wide up timer. Because apparently, his pipes were going to go off in the parking lot between 8:30 and 9:30 PM and… make a loud noise? I guess?

Remember: the action was so confusing that 18 hours later, when protesters were marching on the Capitol, all the cops in the city were trying to figure out why someone would put ostensibly broken small pipe bombs in a parking lot on a 1 hours timer in the night.

If this guy is such a genius that can evade law enforcement, why would he leave little tiny pipes outside of a building on the ground with kitchen timers on them?

Those little tiny pipes on the ground aren’t going to do anything, even if they go off. You would have to have that thing go off right in your face. It’s not going to like, blow out a wall.

Ted Kaczynski made bombs with a pipe, except they didn’t have a kitchen timer on them and they actually went off. He sent packages that people opened and they exploded right in their faces – and out of 16 bombs, 14 of which went off, only three people died and two of them were his last two victims, after he’d spent 15 years building bombs.

The point being: if the FBI was even remotely serious, they would be coming out and saying: “this is a very threatening gesture for sure, but also for sure, no one was in any real danger from these pipes that were set on a wind-up clock to go off in an empty parking lot on the ground at night.”

Instead of telling you that truth, they’re acting like this is 9/11 all over again.

Maybe this is the opposite of the brilliant genius Clockboy, who built a new kind of clock by taking apart a clock, putting it in a box and making it look like a bomb.

Maybe this guy took apart a bomb and made it into a clock, and the message was: “yall better check what time it is!”

The FBI is telling people to watch out that drip, because this nigga is rolling juicy AF with them pumped up Air Maxes.

I have to admit: I was wrong. I thought they would just stop talking about this. Instead, they waited more than three weeks, then brought it back.

That makes no sense, logically. Logically, they would have had this tape immediately, and released it. In fact, logically, there would have been someone there watching this guy plant these fake bombs.

This is just to get it in the headlines again, to make the silly goyim think that there’s some rising terrorist threat and that’s why they’re charging Alex Jones with conspiracy to commit a conspiracy theory.

This is just total noise.

What the FBI and the Biden Administration are doing with all of this “white terror” stuff is the equivalent of a schizophrenic ranting in a coffee shop. Only the schizophrenic is the manager and you are locked inside the coffee shop.

They got you to believe in that Russia nonsense, then the same nonsense with China – now they’re going to see if they can get you to believe that you yourself are a terrorist, and you don’t even know it.

This supposed failed attempt to disturb the evening dirt in a parking lot is going to be exactly like the anthrax after 911 – it will be pumped up, they will never find pumped up Nike Man, and then a decade from now some guy will kill himself because of a divorce and the FBI will come out and say “oh yes, that dead guy did it.”

Without this, you’ll just have boomers and Baked Alaska threatening a podium. With this, it all turns into this dark fantasy.