The Times of Israel had another one of those headlines that might as well have been a Specular Effect headline, regarding the GameStop situation: “The Jəwish Angles to the GameStock Saga, Explained.”

As you’re presumably aware, there has been a lot happening in the stock market, as normal people, referred to as “retail investors,” on reddit’s r/WallStreetBets have been pumping up GameStop stock, in order to force the Jəws who shorted the stock to give them all of their ill gotten-wealth. Along with making the redditors rich, this is also a type of activism, with redditors expressing anger at the financial industry, which is viewed as parasitic.

In the middle of this process, the app that reddit was using shut down the ability to buy GameStop stock, making it so you could only sell it. This was an obvious attempt to manipulate the market, which is clearly illegal. However, the government has not sanctioned them, or really even commented on it (we might imagine what Donald Trump would have had to say about this, but we don’t know, because he is banned from everything). Despite Robinhood’s attempts to shut everything down, GameStop stock continues to stay high.

Liberals have been looking for an angle to use to defend Wall Street, and the easiest thing is to claim that it’s anti-Semitic to loot criminal bankers, who are only all Jəwish by pure coincidence.

Liberals love Wall Street because they use their power to support things that liberals like: unrestricted homosexuality, completely unlimited nonwhite immigration, feminism, and so on.

This tweet was included in the Times of Israel article:

Both Hilary Sargent and AntiFash Gordon (Michael Exoo) are both “anti-hate” activists and defenders of Wall Street. They would probably argue that they are not defending the practice of short selling specifically. However, you don’t see Walmart attacked because “anti-Semites” buy groceries there. The only reason you would ever make a point of promoting the idea that an anti-Wall Street movement is an “anti-Semitic” plot would be to defend Wall Street. There is no other conceivable reason you would post screenshots from 4chan showing that “anti-Semites” support reddit looting Wall Street, other than to provide fuel to a media attempting to defend Wall Street.

The Times of Israel is more concerned about people not blaming Jəws for the behavior of Jəws on Wall Street than they are in defending Wall Street. They seem to be responding to the “anti-hate” activists, who are drawing attention to something they would prefer not have attention drawn to: the fact that virtually every single person involved in this situation is Jəwish.

Specifically, all of these people are Jəws:

  • Gabe Plotkin – Head of the Melvin Capital hedge fund, which is one of the main shorters of GME
  • Steve Cohen – Head of Point72, another one of the hedge funds
  • Andrew Left – Head of Citron Research, another hedge fund
  • Dan Sundheim – Head of Citadel LLC, another one of the hedge funds that was squeezed, but also one that is bailing out the other hedge funds (notably, Citadel is the biggest backer of the Robinhood app)
  • Ben Bernanke – Senior Advisor of Citadel (formerly Chairman of the Federal Reserve)
  • Gary Gensler – Chairman of the Security and Exchange Commission
  • Janet Yellen – US Secretary of Treasury (formerly Chairman of the Federal Reserve)
  • Ryan Cohen – Largest holder of GameStop stock

That’s a lot of Jəws. It’s hard to believe that it’s a coincidence.

I don’t think that Ryan Cohen set this up, or is even directly involved aside from being the primary beneficiary of the squeeze (I also think it is likely that he will offer a solution to the hedge funds, if this continues), but it is certainly notable that yes, a Jəw has made $3 billion on the other side of this squeeze.

The only major figure involved at all who does not appear to be Jəwish is Vladimir Tenev, who runs the Robinhood app. (It’s not confirmed that he’s not Jəwish, but he doesn’t look Jəwish. He is Bulgarian, and that name does not tend to be Jəwish. However, both of his parents worked at the World Bank, and it could be that his mother is Jəwish.) It could also be noted that while Tenev might not be Jəwish, the Jəwish hedge fund Citadel LLC is its biggest backer, buying data about how people use the app from them. Furthermore, many Jəws work for Robinhood in high level positions, including former SEC chief of staff Lucas Moskowitz, who oversees regulatory and government affairs for the company, and a former senior counsel for the Senate Banking Committee, Beth Zorc, who is working as an advisor.

To demonstrate that this isn’t a situation that Jəws should be blamed for, the Times of Israel points out that the most visible person pushing back against the Jəwish hedge funds is the internet celebrity Dave Portnoy – who is also Jəwish.

Portnoy founded the internet media company Barstool Sports in 2003. In 2016, a majority stake of the company was purchased by The Chernin Group, an investment company owned by the Jəw Peter Chernin. Portnoy has often encouraged his audience to get involved in the stock market, and had recommended the use of the Robinhood app.

Portnoy has regularly engaged in various publicity stunts, including handcuffing himself to the NFL headquarters in 2015 as a response to Deflategate. He ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Boston in 2015, and many see his current vocal support of r/WSB as indicative of future political goals. It is quite easy to see how a movement is going to be spun out of this shorting saga, and right now, Portnoy is the de facto leader of that emerging movement.

The Times of Israel included this tweet in their article:

Portnoy has been on Tucker Carlson discussing the situation, and he’s really been going hard on Twitter. Reddit has of course been very thankful for his support, with some going so far as to suggest he should run for president in 2024. He’s certainly raised his profile, probably by a factor of ten. It’s a very neat trick.

Portnoy has called for everyone involved to be put in jail. He’s said the hedge fund managers should be put in jail, as well as the people who run Robinhood (the app that shut down trading of GameStop stock in order to help the hedge funds).

I have agreed with everything that Portnoy has said on this issue. Probably, in general, if I looked at everything Portnoy says, I would agree with most of it, but you do have to note how convenient it is that every time non-Jews do anything, there is some Jew that pops up and takes the lead. This is what gives their entire agenda away.

Word of the Day: “Nepotism”

Here’s the deal: individual Jəws are not individually responsible for our problems. Jəws, collectively, are responsible for our problems. Jəws work together. Jəws help each other, and they take care of each other. Jəws hire each other and they cover up each other’s crimes. They have an international network that is spread across all industries.

This is called “nepotism.”

What is shocking is how public it is. You can simply look at virtually any industry – banking, news media, entertainment media, academia, the corporate world, the government – and find that it is overwhelmingly controlled by Jəwish people.

Although these people’s Jəwishness is public, it is not publicly discussed. In fact, it is effectively illegal to discuss it, even in America. In America, if you publicly suggest that a Jəw helped out another Jəw, or covered up another Jəw’s crimes, with the motivation being that they are both Jəwish, you will become a target of the media. You will almost certainly be fired from your job, and you will be punished in an entire list of ways. Funnily enough, while the Jəws claim they do not exercise their power collectively for collective Jəwish objectives, if you make such a suggestion, you will see that power.

I’ve experienced that. I’m just some random guy, and in recent months I started talking about Jəws, it felt like the entire world had come down on me. Along with the attacks, I was portrayed as being metaphysically evil, which is a difficult thing to reckon with on a personal level. I had never considered myself evil. It’s easy enough to dismiss that, but when you’re in the situation, and people you knew in high school or whatever are calling you and asking you why you turned evil, it’s not an easy thing.

If you say the word “Jəw” in any other context than praising them, everything just starts coming at you.

The social taboos surrounding discussing Jəwish behavior, and the punishment that comes with it, create a totally bizarre situation where they are operating publicly, and yet no one is consciously thinking about the fact that this tiny, foreign minority is dominating our entire society, and is using their power in very abusive ways.

This nepotism, along with the taboos around discussing it, are what allows such a small percentage of the population to control so much. It’s not because of their higher average IQ. Ashkenazi Jews in fact do have a higher IQ than European, black and brown people. I believe those statistics, but these statistic are irrelevant, due to basic math. Jəws are 2% of the population with an average IQ of 106, while whites are 60% of the population with an average 101 IQ. That means that there are significantly more whites with a 130 IQ in America than there are Jəws with a 130 IQ in America. The math of the IQ distribution has been broken down by Professor Kevin MacDonald, when explaining the mathematical impossibility that Jewish overrepresentation in Ivy League universities is due to IQ.

What’s more: Jews actively work against us goyim — white, black, brown and every shade in between — particularly whites. This is evidenced in the fact that their religious texts teach that non-Jews are no better than animals. That is what “goyim” means. It means “cattle.” Jəws – collectively – view us as livestock, to work for them, to be fleeced, and at times, to be eaten. Literally.

The mechanics of the modern finance industry is just one example of collective Jəwish predatory behavior.

Virtually everyone in the banking industry is Jəwish. Virtually all of the regulators are Jəwish. The media has been celebrating Janet Yellen as the first female Secretary of the Treasury, just like they celebrated her as the first female Chairman of the Federal Reserve, but she was not the first Jəwish head of either of these organizations. Both of those positions are virtually always filled by Jəws.

Before the GameStock saga, most people did not know what “stock shorting” was. Now they do, and they’re asking “how and why is this legal?” The answer of course is that the Jəws that work in the government to regulate the economy are helping the Jəws on Wall Street to make money and destroy businesses that they don’t like.

I believe that it is possible for there to be such a thing as a “good Jəw.” I’ve never claimed that this is completely impossible, but if there was such a Jəw, he would be talking about the Jəwish problem.

You see this with the blacks who speak out against black crime and poverty – they come out and say “black people’s behavior is the problem here, and it’s not white people’s fault.” Blacks are typically allowed to say negative things about other black people without being called a racist (or they were, until very recently).

One thing is clear: we do not see many Jəws coming out and speaking out against Jəwish collective behavior. It is difficult to even think of a single Jəw who does this. The only one I even know of who is currently alive is Gilad Atzmon (and he says a lot of things that I don’t agree with). Last century, there were a few such Jəws, possibly the best of which was Otto Weininger, and he ended up committing suicide.

I think it is fair to say that any Jəw who is active in public life and is not coming out and not identifying Jəwish behavior as the root cause of whatever problem they are talking about is effectively participating in a conspiracy.

If someone is Jəwish, it is almost certain that they are covering up the crimes of other Jəws, if not actively working with other Jəws to commit crimes. This is the reason why it is so important to identify people as Jəws. This is why whenever anyone sees someone pop up in public life, they should immediately go to Wikipedia to see if they’re Jəwish.

The fact that this is all so obvious when you look at it is why they rely so heavily on censorship. When you start pointing out that all of these people in positions of power, all across society, are Jəwish, and that they are working together to commit crimes, the Jəws do not have any response other than to call you an anti-Semite and start moving to use the power that you’ve identified to destroy your life. We used to live in an open society, where you could discuss and debate different ideas. That society was abolished, because there is no way to explain why these Jəws have so much power, or why they are using it in such a negative way, doing things like what we see on Wall Street. We must never forget what happened to Charles Lindbergh for daring to point out that Jəws were behind vast network of conspiracies in the early 20th century.

The official explanation for Jewish dominance of every institution of power in the Western world is that it’s all a coincidence. The official explanation of why we are not allowed to talk about this incredible coincidence is that people would respond to discussion of the coincidence by gassing Jəws in fake shower rooms.

Everything that Dave Portnoy is saying about this GME and Wall Street situation is good. I don’t disagree. However, Dave Portnoy is not saying that Jəwish behavior is the root problem in the American financial system. Maybe he will. I don’t know. I don’t follow him closely, but I know that if he doesn’t, everything that he says is meaningless, and he is simply serving a role to lead a movement that the Jəws don’t want a non-Jəw leading.

A non-Jəw would have a very hard time leading a movement against financial abuses without noticing that the connection between the bankers and the regulators is that they share the same ethnicity – one which follows a creed that says it is not a crime to steal from outsiders.

Donald Trump probably wouldn’t have been able to change the system even if he’d made only good decisions. However, he made a lot of bad decisions. With virtually all of these bad decisions, his Jəwish (and registered Democrat) son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been cited as being responsible. With everything from hiring John Bolton to allowing Joe Biden’s team to begin the transition, Jared Kushner has been named as the one who offered the idea.

If we are going to have a populist political movement in America, it should not be led by Jəws. If Jəws are involved in it, they should only be Jəws who are willing to state frankly that Jəws collectively are responsible for the vast majority of the problems our nation faces.

The GameStop situation offers a very good opportunity to talk about Jəwish power in society. Please share this article with anyone you think might be open to confronting the truth about what is happening in our society. As is the case with everything I write on the Specular Effect, this can be reprinted anywhere, in whole or in part, with or without attribution.