I continue to maintain that if Donald Trump is going to show up to this impeachment farce at all, he should only send actors who have famously played lawyers in movies to represent him.

For example, he could send a team of Kevin Costner and Al Pacino.

I want to see Pacino get up in Mitch McConnell’s face, like “are you tryin’ ta fuck me, Mitch? Huh?”

If Pacino won’t sign on for this, Trump can start looking to out of work actors, like Kevin Spacey.

In fact, Kevin Spacey might be the best choice overall. Al Pacino is really too old.


Former President Donald Trump’s five impeachment defense attorneys have left a little more than a week before his trial is set to begin, according to people familiar with the case, amid a disagreement over his legal strategy.

It was a dramatic development in the second impeachment trial for Trump, who has struggled to find lawyers willing to take his case. And now, with legal briefs due next week and a trial set to begin only days later, Trump is clinging to his election fraud charade and suddenly finds himself without legal representation.

Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, who were expected to be two of the lead attorneys, are no longer on the team. A source familiar with the changes said it was a mutual decision for both to leave the legal team. As the lead attorney, Bowers assembled the team.

Josh Howard, a North Carolina attorney who was recently added to the team, has also left, according to another source familiar with the changes. Johnny Gasser and Greg Harris, from South Carolina, are no longer involved with the case, either.

No other attorneys have announced they are working on Trump’s impeachment defense.

A person familiar with the departures told CNN that Trump wanted the attorneys to argue there was mass election fraud and that the election was stolen from him rather than focus on the legality of convicting a president after he’s left office. Trump was not receptive to the discussions about how they should proceed in that regard.

The attorneys had not yet been paid any advance fees and a letter of intent was never signed.

CNN has reached out to the attorneys for comment.

What I ultimately have to tell you is this: all of this Trump news is a whole lot less interesting now that Trump isn’t allowed to weigh in on it.

In a lot of ways, kicking him off of Twitter was more vicious and vile that stealing the election from him.

Not checking his Twitter several times a day has certainly changed my life a lot.

Imagine what it’s going to do for Twitter in the long run.

By the way, I just went to Twitter, and apparently my sock was banned in some purge so I ended up on the front page of the site, and this is the “art” they have up:

This is not “healthy, happy and normal” art.

This is “help me, I’m dying inside” art.