Tucker Carlson had a really great show on Friday, tying everything together with the Fall of Trump, the rise of r/WallStreetBets, and the Democrat war on America.

It was the ideal show. He brought it all back home, centered the whole thing.

The issue is this: Tucker Carlson is the single most powerful non-Jəw in America, and he did very little to push back against the election fraud. Tuck could have gotten millions of people into the streets, and he chose not to do that. Instead, it was left to the likes of Nick Fuentes, Mike Lindell and myself to push people to get out there and protest.

Tucker was not hostile to the Stop the Steal movement. He did talk about the fraud. However, from where I was sitting, this was the most massive crime ever committed in human history, and it should have been back to back on Tucker, and he should have been calling people out into the streets.

Many were forced to ask the obvious question: what is his end game?

The easiest explanation was that they got to him, he was surrendering.

However, after Donald Trump instigated a riot on January 6, new questions emerged.

Never forget: Trump did start that riot. I don’t think he can or should be legally prosecuted for it, but all of those people who fought the cops and went into the Capitol thought they were acting on his orders. He said he was going to march with the people, then he disappeared, and the people were left hanging. Watching it at home, I thought he was making some kind of move to seize control of the government, with the mob behind him.

But he didn’t do that. Then, horribly and shamefully, he stabbed his own supporters in the back, saying they weren’t really his people. Granted, Trump was operating under a lot of pressure, and fear of prison, and I don’t really hold it too strongly against him that he bitched out. He just didn’t have it in him. None of us have ever been in that position, and judging him personally for what he did is a pointless exercise.

We know that Tucker is personally pretty close to Donald Trump. As president, Trump would watch the show every night, and would often publicly address topics from it. He would also regularly call Trump.

This was then the issue: did Tucker know, as an insider, that Trump was going to bitch out? Was that the reason that he didn’t go full on supporting Trump in his opposition to the election fraud?

We all got angry when Tucker attacked Sidney Powell as not having any evidence – but she didn’t have any evidence. That was true. There was no Kraken, she focused on Dominion Machines, and the plan failed.

Of course, we can wonder: if Tucker had given more support, would the number of people in the streets have increased to the point where the Supreme Court would have felt they were obligated to address the issue? The answer is: “apparently, no.” Apparently, it’s as I said in the run up to the election: the fix was in as soon as they allowed voting by mail.

Tucker is now not in jail. He is on TV, talking about Ricky Vaughn being thrown in jail. He is continuing to be a single voice in the wilderness.

However, he is also talking about China, like the rest of the mainstream media. Any information about China that someone thinks is important enough to put on television is war propaganda, de facto. There is no real conversation to be had in the context of this push for intervention from the neocon Jews surrounding Joe Biden. Maybe Tucker doesn’t know that? Maybe throwing the China stuff out there is part of staying on air? Certainly, if he went out there and was like “look, this is all bullshit – we have problems in our own country, we all have an entire list of problems, and none of these problems are related to China,” he would get pulled off the air immediately. This hoax of blaming all these problems on China is clearly a third rail.

Tucker is talking like he has some kind of a play here, saying that people are ready to come together more than they were under Trump in some kind of populist fashion. He is very excited about r/WallStreetBets. On Thursday, he did a big piece on it.

So, there’s a lot going on here. I used to have full faith in Tucker, and I most certainly do not anymore. However, the reality is that if he has some sort of a plan here, we don’t have anything to lose. We’ve got hell raining down on us, and we have zero champions. Matt GAYtz, who is a closeted homosexual, is out there pretending to be some kind of populist, but there’s nothing else.

If you fall down the stairs while smoking a cigarette, and break both your legs and one of your arms and the cigarette catches the carpet on fire, and some guy you don’t fully trust comes in to help you, you don’t tell him “no, just let me burn to death,” and punch him with your one good arm when he tries to pick you up – you go with it.

We are literally in a burning house with three of our limbs broken here (the only reason I wouldn’t say “all of our limbs” is that we can still continue online, in some spaces). What we are staring down is a slow march to hell, if someone doesn’t stand up and start talking about some kind of a geographical separation of the population. I don’t know if that is Tucker’s plan. He might just try to steer us back into politics as usual – in the burning house analogy, that would be that the guy you don’t trust takes you into the bedroom of the burning house and wraps you in a blanket.

But we don’t have any choices here.

We might as well see where Tucker is going with this.

Beware, because most likely, he is just put there to make you think you’ve got some guy in your corner, just like Marjorie Taylor Greene. That’s the statistical probability. I’m not going to do a complex RNG metaphor here, but if you’ve got a 5% shot and you’re going to lose the game anyway, why not take the shot?