I’ve been thinking about the election.

In the rearview mirror, it actually looks like the idea that electronic voting machines were the primary mechanism of fraud was probably a red herring, put out by various people on Twitter and so on (some of them honest, I’m sure) to distract people from what actually happened, which was massive mail-in voter fraud.

If you will recall, they stopped the count in all of the swing states where Trump was winning in the early morning hours, then blocked off entry to the polling places and vote-counting facilities. There were multiple videos of people going in with suitcases and boxes, and unloading such things from trucks. There were also videos of people sitting in the facilities, filling out new ballots.

None of this needed to involve the voting machines, and if the voting machines were doing what they were alleged to do, and flipping votes, they wouldn’t have needed to ever stop the vote.

Granted, there are different systems in every state, sometimes county-by-county, and it’s possible that the voting machines were one method used in certain counties, but as people discussed the issue, these voting machines became the center of attention. The thing about that is: there was no way to prove it either way. Even if the machines were audited, the nature of digital machines is that it would not be able to prove anything.

On the other hand, an examination of the paper ballots could have gone somewhere.

Clearly, Lin Wood was being influenced by someone giving him bad information. The same is true of Sidney Powell. (I don’t think either are bad people or in on any conspiracy, but unless they are insane, someone was feeding them some very inaccurate information, and the person or persons feeding them that information clearly was malicious in intent.) They were both very focused on the voting machines, and I kept thinking at the time that they needed to be pushing for an audit of the paper ballots in these states, because the machines can’t really be audited (especially if they are literally designed to be used for election fraud, as was the core claim).

It’s all ancient history now, but we’re all still rolling it around in our brains, and I think the excessive focus on the machines was a red herring, designed to distract from the fact that the election was a fraud before it happened, due to the nature of mail-in voting, and the fact that the count was stopped in the middle of the night in all of these swing states, and that the only explanation of that is that they needed to bring in more physical ballots (or fill out stacks of them they already had).

The regular reader will remember that I repeatedly said throughout the summer that there was no possible way Trump could win if mail-in voting was allowed. However, right or wrong, I stopped saying that about six weeks before the election, and told everyone to go vote, because I didn’t want to feel like I was responsible for his loss.

Furthermore, it’s good that people voted in the numbers they did, as it forced them to hoax numbers that are simply outrageous. Trump got 74 million votes, which is more than any other president in history. The closest was Barack Obama, who got 70 million. They are now forced to claim that Joe Biden got 81 million votes, which is 11 million more than the previous highest vote earner. They are also claiming that the turnout was higher than any time in the last century, at 66%.

What’s more, when you chop that up, they claim that blacks turned out and voted for Joe Biden in larger numbers – by total numbers and by percentage of the population (it’s about the same size as it was, but their birthrate is higher than 2) – than they turned out for Barack Obama. If you break down the numbers the media is presenting us with, they are claiming that in certain swing states, blacks turned out to vote in 2020 at rates higher than whites turned out to vote during the Great Depression and during both World Wars.

Everyone who voted for Trump voted for something very important: they voted for exposing the entire American system as an utter fraud.

I want to say, however, that there was nothing that could have been done to change the outcome of the election. Even if Trump would have declared martial law, I think they would have found a way to get him out (although that would have been hilarious and exciting).

The reason I’m saying this now, other than that I was thinking about it, is that Dominion is suing a bunch of people for libel, including the recently Twitter-banned Mike Lindell. No, I don’t think they’re going to start suing random people, but I do think they’re going to come out with some kind of “proof” that the votes tabulated by their machines were accurate, and there might even be a way to disprove some of the claims people have made (of course, no one believes anything from the other side anymore, so it doesn’t matter much).

What is clear is that the media wanted to focus on the machines, and Dominion, instead of the total concept of mail-in voting, or the early morning swing state shutdown.