They will start referring to the people who did this as socialists and “anti-rich”, but this is totally different to the morons on the left who push socialism and communism. It is important to comprehend the fundamental differences.

Jəws have manipulated and cheated the economies of countries the world over and what occurred yesterday can be likened to what the man with the funny-looking mustache did to them when he rose to power, and turned the economy of Deutschland, to not be backed by fiat currency, but by the labor force — the German people and their capacity to produce wealth for themselves. He ingeniously beat them at their own game

The same is happening here with Gamestop. It is one thing to attain wealth and riches while adhering to the sustainability principles within business ethics; that is, providing goods and services to people without violating their rights and sovereignty and being mindful of volunteerism.

What Jəws do is swindle and coerce through ads and media manipulation to create a consumer class to buy shit they don’t need. They manipulate the profit-making aspect of commerce to their benefit and only their benefit. While one may argue, “may the “smart person prevail”, you cannot cry foul when the shoe is on the other foot. This isn’t about being smart, but about being criminal and privy to secrets and strategies only shared within your closed circles.

Redditors did exactly what these Wall Street bankers do on a daily basis which is, they scour for opportunity and seize it when it arises. What’s worse is, these bankers manipulate the markets by spreading lies and rumors in their media outlets to create desired effects and outcomes. Then they pounce. This is how they stay ahead of the game and control world governments and economies.

They are mad and upset, now that the goy are hip to their tricks.

Everyone involved and those who are championing this are going to be associated with terms that already have a bad smell such as, “Trumpism” and “White Supremacist”.

Cohen is Point 72 hedge fund guy.

Some people think that the Democrats are going to do something about this, but I have news for them: the Democrats always have and always will be pro-Wall Street. Throw the hopium bullshit out of your head right now. Politicians are not on our side.

Neither, let’s not pretend AOC is against big business and big tech.

She literally calls for them to crack down on dissident movements, and for an end to their competition on a daily basis.

She is a woman, which means she’s a a bottom feeding grifter who cannot help make everything about her. Me! Me! Me!

This should go without having to be said, but I’ll say it anyway, because it is very important for you to understand that you cannot and must never trust the Jəw. That includes the ones who seem to be saying what we are saying. Any of their suggestions, ignore!

What is happening here is, the Jəws are suing the Jəws. It is how they maintain control of the narrative, regardless of the outcome.

What happens next? Goys get screwed. Watch and see.

The corruption burns!

Do not trust the Jəw!

Now there are cries for a bailout, and they will get it, but main street — small business owners and entrepreneurs — will only get $600. Fuck you, you stupid goyim!

Things will only get more and more interesting by the hour, days and months. I mean really interesting. I am suspecting that many politicians will be revealed; those known and unknown and lines will be drawn in the sand indicating who is for and against us.

Ouch! The hurt is going to be severe.