I think it’s anti-Semitic to talk about the fact that a Jew is leading this impeachment effort. But hey I’ve lamented this fact for quite some time.

This grants credence to the widely discredited anti-Semitic tropish canard that Jews have taken over America and they are using that power to destroy white Christians. Wink!


Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin is preparing to lead the second Senate trial of Donald Trump with two clear arguments in mind: Trump was responsible for the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, and the Constitution allows Congress to hold the former president accountable through impeachment.

Raskin, a former constitutional law professor, is preparing to make that case to a Senate where 45 of 50 Republicans voted Tuesday to reject the second part of his argument. Democrats have always faced an uphill battle to persuade the Senate to convict Trump and move on to a vote to bar him from federal office, but Raskin says he has to try anyway.

“The Constitution applies on your first day of office; it applies on your last day in office and everything in between,” Raskin said in an interview with NPR. “This violent attack, insurrection, against the union is the worst presidential crime in American history, and would set a terribly dangerous precedent if we didn’t respond to it.”

Senators have already been sworn in to their roles as jurors in the trial, but arguments won’t start until at least Feb. 9. By that time, more than a month will have passed between the day when senators were witnesses to the crime of the insurrection and when they are called on to be impartial arbiters of whether Trump was personally responsible for the events. The House impeached Trump Jan. 13.

“There’s nothing abstract or conceptual or academic about this high crime and misdemeanor for any member of Congress,” Raskin said. “This was a direct attack on our electoral institutions. This was an effort by the president, and also by the mob that followed him to interfere with the counting of Electoral College votes that was going on at the time.”

Raskin dismissed arguments by Republicans who want to skip a trial on Trump’s actions because, they say, the very process of impeaching a former president is unconstitutional.

“Use your common sense,” Raskin said. “Everybody can understand that if we had a rule that you can’t be tried for anything that you did in your last three or four or five weeks in office that would basically be sending an extremely dangerous signal to future presidents.”

Democrats plan to argue that Trump’s speech before the riot and his efforts to overturn election results directly led to what Raskin says was a traumatic attack.

For Raskin, that day’s events were an added layer of trauma. Days before the mob breached the Capitol, Raskin’s 25-year-old son killed himself after struggling for years with depression. Raskin was grieving that loss when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on him to lead this impeachment.

“I mean it’s a solemn and awesome responsibility and I feel the weight of it all the time,” Raskin said.

He said he talked things over with his wife and their daughters and decided to take on the task.

“I think that we all knew it was something that I needed to see us through,” he said.

That decision doesn’t surprise people who know Raskin well, said Stephen Wermiel, who taught constitutional law alongside Raskin at American University in Washington.

“The decision of this Jew doesn’t surprise the Jews, says another Jew.” Oy vey!

Fascinating information.

However, I must say that all Jews should be forced to recuse themselves from this trial, due to the fact that they are incapable of being impartial, given that the Capitol Storm reminded them of the trauma they experienced during the Holocaust when Adolf Hitler masturbated all of their ancestors to death with a pedal-powered lampshade, before turning their bodies into electrified soap*.

They’re too close to the horror, having lived through the horrors of Hitler.

They must recuse.

With Raskin, you have a secondary problem: he’s just too handsome. None of the women or homosexuals in Congress (i.e., no one in Congress) is going to be able to pay attention to anything he’s saying – they’ll be too enamored by his dashingly roguish good looks.

*When I make Holocaust jokes, I often am reminded of the fact that Hitler himself was a very serious man. I can’t help thinking, with any of these jokes, “if I was in a meeting with Hitler, would he laugh at that, or would he just make an annoyed face and quickly continue on with whatever he’d been talking about? Or worse, humiliate me in front of everyone at the meeting by saying something like ‘Mr. Specular Effect, can we move on?’” I think with that joke – “when Adolf Hitler masturbated all of their ancestors to death with a pedal-powered lampshade, before turning their bodies into electrified soap” – I would have gotten a brief, involuntary smile out of the mustache man.