We the goyim, thanks to the genius planning, efforts and commitments of our brothers on Reddit, have severely wounded the Beast.

For you gamers to better comprehend:

Jəwish Market manipulators draw near. Goyim strikes! Dealing a deadly blow to Jəwish Market manipulators. HP reduced by 9999.

Jəws casts Oy Vey!

New York hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman fumes at retail traders and shouts: “It’s a way of attacking wealthy people.”

Casts the spell of Oy Vey! ULTIMA!

Goyim parries!

They’re calling it a “Stockmarket Insurrection”. Haha!

r/WallStreetBets is organizing protests in the front of Robinhood HQ following the Market Manipulation involving GME | NOK stocks! Goyim beefs up defense and attack stats.

Simply saying these Jəws are going nuts is an understatement. Here we see that the market is not free, America is not free and democracy is a scam.

These are the same people who rob us and keep us under their control with their lies and money-media manipulation. We must never forget the crash of 2008, the way we did with the margin loan calls that led to the Wall Street crash of 1929 which led to Great Depression

Never forget what they have done to us.

Hedge Fund managers.

The media.

Social media CEOs.

They’re subhuman garbage that make billions off of the pain and suffering of the average guy.

Again, the market isn’t free.

America isn’t free.

Democracy is a hoax.

Our veterans have fought and died for nothing, except for foreign oil, foreign interests, and the prosperity of multinational corporations run by Jəws.

Now that GameStop’s share prices are up over 20% and briefly becomes biggest stock on Russell 2000, many are urging others to not sell.

“DO NOT SELL” Trending on twitter as AMC, NAKD, and NOK seem to be making comebacks. People are transferring from apps like Robinhood to Trade Zero, and others that allow trading of AMC, NAKD, NOK, SNDL, and GME.

Oh the horror!

Market: Manipulated

Internet: Censored

Media: Biased

Economy: Shut Down

Election: Stolen

Democracy: Fake

System: Rigged

Anyone who still thinks America is free or believes in the ‘free market’ after what we’ve seen over the past few months is an idiot. That includes people who still don’t get the Jəwishness of it all.

The Jəws are going to doubledown. They are going to go for an all-out attack on the internet and American Patriots. You see, the Jəws invented the game, invited us to play the game, we beat them at their own game and now they’re going to punish us for winning!

Basically, this entire thing has shown that the financial system is about as legitimate as the electoral system: if Jəws lose, they just use their incredible ethnic networking abilities to shut you down and punish you for beating them.

Prepare yourselves by backing up everything. The digital book burnings are going to skyrocket.

They’ve begun pulling this kind of shit:

There are consistent reports of Robinhood selling it’s users’ GME stock without their consent.

Surprisingly, unexpected goyim voices are lashing out against the double standards.

South African Businessman & CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk joined both AOC & Ted Cruz in actions against Robinhood market manipulation.

Finance Twitter is reporting that Robbinwood is selling off people’s shares against the will of the owners for the “common good”.

The Jəws are shitting themselves right now and we should all rejoice in their misery while we still can. They’re changing the rules because they’re losing.

They are in tears!

The CEO of Omega Advisors & billionaire investor, Leon Cooper Cooperman crying on CNBC today.

But, we must also prepare ourselves. Beware of Jəwish tears.

GameStop 8-bit money!

Use your earned money smartly. This is your opportunity to secure some earnings for the economic fallout that is yet to come.

In the mean time, I suggest we all stay abreast of what’s to unfold with regards to this. I suspect the Jəws are going to collapse the entire market and economy, because if they alone aren’t in control, no one else can be.

I will be writing a lot more about GameStop and the obvious implications of these Jəws saying that if they lose a game they created and invited you to come play, they will shut you down and accuse you of being an incel neo-Nazi.