I’ve of course been saying for years that the cops have access to the Facebook and Google data and of course, we knew this from data leaks.

But actually, for the first time ever, you’re being told by the government that they are accessing all of this data.

They have to do it because of the attacks on our nation’s podiums by whites.

There’s really not much to say about this, but here’s the link to the New York Times article about the phone data being used to track all of the Americans who attended the Capitol Storm.

Previously, the government had to request this data with warrants.

Anyway, this basically just means that point blank, the government is now capable of using anything you write in Facebook private messages, or Gmail emails, or just pretty much whatever, to prosecute you, or to hunt you down.

Basically, the entire NSA spying apparatus is being publicly opened up for use by normal law enforcement. This is what I told you would happen, but doing it so early is bold.

Hope you followed my advice and kept all your private communications clean, because it’s happening!

This thing, along with starting the revolution in Russia, moving the troops toward Syria, and several other happenings indicate that this new administration is going to be full “shock and awe” with all of these massive changes coming down all at once.

Strap in, lads!